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Review on Blockchain University Course by Praise Olagbadun

Blockchain University Course

University Course is an online platform that offers users the opportunity to have a detailed overview to cryptography and cryptocurrencies It is also a platform that offers free courses in relation to the crypto world, these courses in are well outlined and given in details that I recommend the platform for beginners mainly because the platform helps to build a solid foundation in the knowledge of cryptocurrencies.

It teaches users how to get highly productive with Blockchain development quickly and in a practical way, it also teaches users to build a powerful and highly secure and decentralized applications using Ethereum to create art contracts and facilitate trusted in-app transactions.

Blockchain University Course focuses mainly on Ethereum development by giving all relevant and required information to start using the Blockchain. It also teaches users how to make money by trading cryptocurrencies (Buying cryptocurrencies when they are cheaper and selling them when expensive)

I sincerely think the Blockchain University Course is just the platform we need today as so many people wants to invest in cryptocurrencies but due to illiteracy and fear of loss has withdraw.

Pros & cons

  • Streams videos to ease learning
  • Provides a standby customer service support for users
  • The platform offers free courses
  • The platform allows refund of money if users are not satisfied with the type of course provided for the first 30 days
  • The users have the opportunity to decide when to start or end their course, making them the decisive factor
  • I suggest this platform for beginners because the courses are well outlined and simplified
  • The platform increases the knowledge of individuals on Blockchain network and trading skills
  • The platform doesn't offer certificate for completion of courses