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Review on Blockgeeks Courses by Barış D

One of the good courses on blockchain.

As you know, Blockchain technology is on the way to become an infrastructure that we encounter quite widely and even in our daily life. In direct proportion to this, the need to learn and use this technology arises. Some companies also organize courses and seminars on Blockchain technology.

In the current time, due to the pandemic process, everyone works at home and on the internet. That's why these courses are offered online. There are some platforms that provide training on this subject. One of them is Blockgeeks Courses.

On this platform, he gives a course not only about blockchain technology, but also about crypto money investments, how to do it and working principles. I wanted to tell you what I know about this platform, which I saw when I first started dealing with cryptocurrencies and which I had the chance to examine a little bit.

You can comfortably use Blockgeeks Courses from your tablet, phone or computer. With the library they have created, you can have the chance to examine the things that are stuck in your mind whenever and wherever you want. I recommend this course given by experts in the field.

Pros & cons

  • For those who want to try, you have the possibility to take a free course first.
  • There are many different types of course options.
  • After the course is over, they give you a document showing that you have taken this course and that you are informed about it.
  • The videos are prepared in a single language option.
  • This is a negative and incomprehensible situation for people who do not speak that language.