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Review on Blockgeeks Courses by Douglas Cachazo

Blockgeeks Courses: Crypto and Blockchain Learning Club

More than a company or academy of courses I see it as a club for learning about cryptocurrencies and some blockchain technology applied to finance. Registration is free and with the first sections free, but to advance in level you must pay monthly payments. Each member has a status which you will raise as you pass courses. It has the particularity or attraction that you get rewards every time you level up, that is, as you pass courses, some have the modality that they are face-to-face online with a tutor. But that's up to you. You will obtain certifications and what you have earned can only be withdrawn when you reach professional status

Pros & cons

  • Good content to get you started
  • Issue certificates
  • Financial reward for completed courses
  • Only in English
  • The free start is quite restricted If you don't want to continue halfway, you lose your accumulated winnings.