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Review on Corda by Jose Luis Perez

Level education.

In the digital world there is a wide range of courses to train in regards to the topic of blockchain in general, and in that Corda focuses not only on teaching but also on direct training in the development of this type of technologies that it is increasingly attracting attention worldwide and that is where it is necessary to seek the accompaniment of those who are actually trained to teach at a level that guarantees true results in learning.

This course offers training in regards mainly to the development of blockchain technology, which can be applied in different fields of the development of society, with face-to-face training and also offers virtual mode, present in several countries. . The platform is simple to understand and the registration process is not very complicated, it is aimed at those who have a basic level in the subject, but above all for those users who already have experience in the subject and want to learn much more and from that It is also a way to test what they know and project what they have learned during the course, with a method mainly aimed at corporate or companies that want to train their staff in the development of new apps that are based on and anchored to the blockchain. So Corda is not just another course that you will find on the internet, it is an advanced training method that will allow you to project your knowledge as an expert, with your certificate granted by the platform.

Pros & cons

  • A level course.
  • It is present in different countries.
  • It offers the face-to-face and virtual modality.
  • It is a course that teaches, trains and also tests what you know about the development of the blockchain.
  • It offers good training.
  • The platform is easy to understand.
  • Certification endorsed by the course.
  • None so far.