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Review on Corda by José A Rodríguez

Corda Blockchain: Totally Practical to Use for Learning About Blockchain Development

Corda is a blockchain course with a great focus on teaching to provide an open understanding of the directions of blockchain development. It was designed to cover that type of topics and it offers a good program. In short, it is not really different from the common ones, but it is still another good option to join and study with. Moreover, it offers certification. This means the course is not free, but as I researched and got informed the current costs of any course on it can be easily paid because it is not expensive.

I really think this course go with appropriate content to teach the best of blockchain development. Besides, here students can become good professionals and enter working different field like operating in networks, becoming a developer, or just achieving the necessary content to become a good investor. Today, many of the traders not only trade because of finances and incomes but also due to the process it implies.

This course is not directly focused to teach but to train as if it were financial institutions that require students to keep practising the content learned. Moreover, it has some unique and marvellous features to provide a new way of mastering key concepts of the Blockchain world. Sincerely, this is one caught my attention b cause of the simplicity the company puts to have students always interested in it. There are also species of missions in training that are activated day-to-day.

And finally, the certification which is something that everybody expects to have. The certificates from this platform are sent in digital format after the learner completes a whole phase of the study. They recognize the value they put on the practice during the course length. It is a valid certification program that covers all sections to become an expert in the field and with luck start working of that or even trading as a professional.

In conclusion, the Corda Blockchain provides good courses and sections of learning to keep studying and mastering good knowledge of blockchain development and technology. Personally, most of the courses I've tried for free focus on that, but Corda goes a little bit different from others because it is more practical to use.

Pros & cons

  • Easy sections of practice training that covers all possible topics about blockchain development. That includes basic concepts like core functioning, open protocols, and network sources.
  • It provides a nice certification program that is given to the learner after completing a whole course. It is valid and recognized to start working legally as a blockchain developer.
  • The platform runs rapidly. It offers good connectivity and all lessons are easy to master.
  • Some of the programs like training or question sections are essential features that boost better learning into the platform.
  • It does not follow any pattern from a well-known blockchain. It just goes on general content and information about blockchain.