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I am personally a new Revain community member, I literally signed up within the hour. What better way to test the platforms functionality and utility purpose than by leaving a review and reaping a reward? So here it is, my first review. (Please forgive any factual inaccuracies and feel free to leave your feedback on any misinterpretations I may have made) My interest was piqued by an unexpected, but welcomed, Airdrop to my ERC20 wallet of 3 (R). I decided to explore the project because of my amateur involvement with blockchain investing exposed me to the Revain (R) token. Occasionally leaving a ping on my radar it was inevitable that I would eventually investigate. Consistently growing projects suggests passionate teams are working with robust technology to provide justified services in an emerging technological ecosystem. The innovative vision is clearly explained within the White Paper. The source code is transparent and available on GitHub. The community is growing and supportive. I am now personally invested in the Revain project. Because I believe in it. Not because it is physical proof of concept, but also because it is conceptual proof of the original philosophy that was the foundation of blockchain technology emergence. Thank you Revain. Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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