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Almost 10 years have passed since the appearance of cryptocurrency. Still there is no major use case except several minor use cases. One most important thing I caught while reviewing Ravencoin is that this coin is designed from the very inception for a specific use case. The people who conceived the Ravencoin back in 2017 had concluded that the real benefit that can be derived from the cryptocurrency is the tokenization of everything under the sun. The biggest tokenization target is the stock and various securities trading. All the companies, Buildings, lands, rights etc can be tokenized and traded. All the assets will be liquified and traded. To become the most reliable and useful tokenization platform requires much more than just the capability of issuing a token. The following conditions should be satisfied. First, the platform must be reliable. This is the most important aspect. Ravencoin is built on the Bitcoin code base which endured more than ten years of vigorous attack from hackers. Ravencoin’s consensus mechanism is Proof of Work like Bitcoin and it is the 7th most expensive coin for 50 percent attack as of October, 2020. I concluded Ravencoin is one of the most reliable cryptocurrency. Second, a detailed management tool of issued tokens is absolutely necessary. Token issuers must be able to manage tokens such as freezing, communicating, voting, dividend payment. Ravencoin developers focus their efforts to develop these tools in compliance to regulations. The tokens representing stocks issued on the Ravencoin platform are going to be traded on T0 exchange. Once tokenized, companies can manage their stocks much more efficiently. Ravencoin is going to be the core element of tokenized stock trading, the biggest area of tokenization. Third, the dividends are to be paid in Ravencoin. Once a company’s stock is tokenized, to pay the dividends, the company must buy Ravencoin and Ravencoin can be distributed as dividends by clicking a button.This will increase the demand for Ravencoin exponentially as more companies tokenize their stocks on Ravencoin. These are roughly the reasons why I decided to invest in Ravencoin. I like Ravencoin in that it is designed for specific use from the start and it is well connected to the right people. Siehe vollständige Bewertung



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