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Overall, I thought Hotbit would be a great exchange at first because of the multitude of coins/tokens. But it's built for Asians mainly. By the time you get the price information, you will already have waited for a while, and then when ordering it can take a VERY long time, especially with the only order type being limit. You will see the order prices changing in correlation with the price, but the price graph will hardly change. I hope they update this soon. I have used other US exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, Bittrex (one of the best ones), BinanceUS, etc. and they all offer trades way faster plus market orders. Bittrex can come closer to competing when it comes to the number of coins plus it's secure. Kraken even offers some great leverage for margin trading which means they increase your profits/losses by up to 5x but it's illegal to do margin trading on hotbit! Hotbit will actually change the price to make money off you much more than those exchanges (except Coinbase which has a 6 times higher trading fee than most exchanges) probably because of "fees." I can see why some people were saying that these exchange makers were conartists. hotbit was a big disappointment and definitely needs to improve their order updates. You would need to do research on how limit orders work (buying is the price or lower, selling, the price or higher) just to purchase part of a coin. If they improve the trading soon, it will be an awesome exchange but I'm guessing that'll be a year or more down the road. I wrote my last experience in pink text on the picture. Do not get your hopes up on this if you're not in (southeast) Asia! And you will not waste your time and money for no reason! I'm glad I could help a lot of people out by learning about this website and preventing the problem from happening again.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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