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The PRIZM cryptocurrency today is real earnings and income! But in order to purchase cryptocurrency, you need to create a personal wallet. Using only official resources. Correctly keep a private phrase. As soon as you receive the first transfer to your account, regardless of the amount, you become the owner of this wonderful coin. One of the advantages is that you are the sole owner of this wallet. You can have unlimited wallets. And it’s impossible to find your password! Also a huge advantage is the speed of transactions. Anonymity. Those. any user can see your balance, your transactions, but who does not own the wallet, he will not recognizeSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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PRIZM is a very interesting cryptocurrency. It is interesting in that for the extraction of coins, you do not need expensive equipment in order to mine. In order to forge, you need a not very expensive computer, i.e. with minimal cost. And for paramining you just need to store from 1 coin to 1,000,000 on your wallet. Why up to 100,000? Because by distillation these are the numbers paramining stops. But this problem is quickly solved, you can get another wallet, transfer part of the amount there, and paramining will already work on two wallets. Paramining is activated immediately after the first wallet transaction. from 1 coin. It is calculated according to such a system, if you have from 1 to 99 coins, you earn 0.12% per day, and 3.6% per month, respectively, about 10% per year. And this is only the very minimum! The BLOCKCHAIN ​​system allows carrying out various kinds of operations. For example, sale. And all this you can do without leaving your home! Paramining is a reward for storing your coins in your personal wallet.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Сама из Крыма! Чуть старше 30-ти))) Люблю фотографировать, снимать видео, а также делать фото и видеоролики! Работала на телевидении. Была и архивариусом, и видеомонтажером, и зам.программного директора, и не посредственно программным директором! Очень люблю путешествовать, люблю неизведанные места, в особенности заброшенные замки, крепости, усадьбы. Интересуюсь цифровыми валютами, активами)

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