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Bitcoin has several advantages over conventional currencies, among others Without limits, it can be sent anywhere and anywhere in the world at any time. The transfer fee is relatively small even 0. Minimal risk, relatively safer and do not use personal information that is important or confidential. Neutral and transparent, you can even see and verify real-time supply and availability of the Bitcoin block chain. As said before, there is no single institution that can manage or manipulate Bitcoin. What are the disadvantages of Bitcoin? Besides its advantages, Bitcoin also has several weaknesses. For example: There are still many people who have not accepted Bitcoin as a legitimate payment instrument. Total circulation and companies / organizations that accept Bitcoin are still relatively small The Bitcoin application is still in beta phase so there are many features that are under development and cannot be used yet.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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The way to choose a safe Bitcoin (BTC) wallet is to visit the website. This website will provide recommendations for Bitcoin wallets that are safe for you. You can choose a Bitcoin wallet based on how to access it, it can be via desktop software, mobile app, hardware, or the web. Keep the pass phrase safe, create two factor authentication (2FA) to increase security levels, and also a PIN to facilitate access to your wallet. The Bitcoin address and can be shared with your friends for you to receive BTC transfers.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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