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Binance Coins offers a variety of advantages offered to gain popularity in a short time. The following is the amount obtained from BNB coins that have succeeded in attracting the attention of Crypto currency users around the world Carrying the big name Binance : Binance is one of the largest trading exchanges in the world both in terms of transaction volume and the number of active users. The cryptocurrency recorded in Binance will get a temporary benefit in the form of an increase in value of up to 80%. On the other hand, cryptocurrency issued from Binance will get a bad reputation. The reputation of Binance itself is a big advantage for Binance coins. The presence of DEX Binance Binance launches a decentralized exchange of their own namely Binance DEX, where the founder of Binance believes that this stock exchange model will become a trend of future needs. With a very large number of Binance customers, it is hoped that Binance DEX will succeed in attracting new customers who also use BNB coins. BNB burning Binance also applies a BNB coin burning policy for a period of time. This policy is carried out based on various considerations. One of them relates to discounted transaction costs offered by Binance to its members.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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here a little review of LTC tells me personally Internet Litecoin money uses an open source system in the global payment network. LTC is a cryptocurrency that is quite popular just a few years after the arrival of Bitcoin. Digital internet currency, LTC was initiated by four people, namely: 1.Charlie Lee 2.Xinxi Wang 3.Zing Yang 4.Franklyn Richards At first the LTC founders made cryptocurrency improvements to Bitcoin on the grounds to facilitate small and medium economic transactions. Thus they make the LTC blockchain technology faster, making more block generation with a total coin in circulation larger than Bitcoin. The total LTC circulation coins are set in the protocol system, which is 84,000,000 LTC. While as of May 3, 2019 the number already in the world was 61,598,208 LTC. So that working principles such as Bitcoin and Litecoin can measure the development of the global market from crpyto currency itself. Litecoin is an open source that adheres to a decentralized system of power in management. This allows anyone, from any race, religion, ethnicity, nation or country to enter the Litecoin world. Anyone you can have a Litecoin bank account only by downloading an existing wallet for desktop, iOS or Android. Anyone you can mine Litecoin and benefit from fees or commissions provided. The principle of Litecoin's work makes them free from the politics and ideology of the state. A decentralized system without central authorities. So it is very much different from paypal, credit cards, credit or gopay, or banks in general. Like the Bitcoin working system, there is only mathematics that secures internet networks and transactions.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Noon ETH who doesn't know about this one crypto coin, ETH is ranked 2 in CMC and everyone knows that, this is an almost perfect coin. okay starting from my own experience at that time I bought ETH coins in a market is not much but enough to invest later on I just realized so many benefits of the coin starting from the small up to the large other examples of ETH coins can be made gas fees, playing crypto games, any payment is very easy to use this coin I really like and that's where I play trading. my favorite coin after bitcoin oh yes one more why I like this coin besides the payment fee is very cheap he is also very easy we can get an example we can get by buying on the market and if any of these new players play crypto they can seek coins ETH this is through airdrops, faucets etc. for those who are still new, you can use those methods and it is very cool for me personally, thank you, I hope this short story is interesting.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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