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Indodax is a very famous and successful Crypto exchange from Indonesia, there are several advantages and disadvantages including: #Advantages: 1. Registration is easy and fast. 2. KYC verification includes fast and easy. 3. Fast withdrawal process. 4. Costs for trading and withdrawal standards are not too expensive. 5. Admin support is very friendly. 6. There are good applications and wallets and trading applications that are very good and easy. 7. Availability of social media that makes it easier for members to complain about problems. 8. The appearance of the website is very interesting and there are no fraudulent transactions. 9. The number of trade members from Indonesia is very large. 10. Security is very good. #Disadvantages: 1. Lack of crypto currency that may need to be added. 2. The listing process is long enough. 3. Not yet supporting the IEO. 4. Lack of interesting programs like Airdrop or Bounty. 5. Lack of reward rewards from the listing process for each Crypto currency that will be listed there.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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About Idax Market exchange is good: 1. In terms of registration is very easy and fast. 2. Easy KYC verification and fast processing. 3. Standard exchange and withdrawal fees. 4. The withdrawal process is fast. 5. If there is a problem related to the deposit and withdrawal from the admin including the good category. About Idax Market exchange is bad: There is information about the scam from Idax Pro Exchange, namely: Yesterday the Cryptomarketads (CMA) project tried the IEO and will list there but now there is a problem, Cryptomarketads (CMA) gets a scam from Idax Pro that says CMA Tokens are used by Idax Pro and IEO sales results not given fully, so the CMA gets a loss of around 10 BTC.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Revain is the best website to provide reviews about cryptocurrency both in terms of tokens and markets. I really like projects like this, because they can provide feedback and can be considered for crypto that we review. I hope that in the future this project will continue to run and be able to develop more professionally and be the best with support from the team and the community. I also hope that in the future there will be interesting new events.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Poliniex is one of the most famous crypto world exchanges, Poloniex was founded in the United States. In February 2018 entered the 14th rank of the data taken by Coinmarketcap with a total of 100 listing tokens. This shows very good progress where for now a lot of new exchanges appear. I will review a little about Poloinex. Website: For website design it's pretty good and light it's easy to access, fast unlike other exchanges. Trading: Trading on the Poloinex Market is also very fast and prices are also good. Withdraw: To withdraw in my opinion is quite satisfying. Team: The Poloinex founding team is also very good at working to satisfy people. Contact Info: The availability of this info contact is also very important and useful, Poloinex itself has provided it and in my opinion is quite satisfying. My advice: 1. Maybe you need to add a new token to make it more and more successful. 2. Try creating an Android or IOS application or PC so that people are easy to access Poloinex and trade. 3. Additional new projects that benefit people. 5. Reduce fees for trading or Withdraw. Maybe that's just a Poloinex review from me, hopefully useful thanks.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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