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As the first BTC debit card for US citizens, Bitpay made an amazing job. I hope one day they will accept worldwide customers for ordering the card. Their Bitgo platform was super for sending/receiving transactions but they need to develop this payment gateway for competing with the alternative payment systems. Everyone who has US residents can order the card and use the cryptocurrencies for making aa payment on coffee shops, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. The ATM withdrawal fee is around 3 USD if the user wants to withdraw cash from the Bitpay card at the foreign countries, for the US located ATMs the withdrawal fee is 2 USD. The daily withdrawal limit is $1500 and you can withdraw up to $500 in a single order. Anyway, this card has lower fees compared to the alternative BTC debit cards but the big minus is the lack of worldwide shipping, in my opinion.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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As the second higher market cap altcoin of cryptocurrency markets, Ethereum didn't apply the promised roadmap during the development of the ETH project after the Vitalik achieved his goals. The competition between the similar platforms don't bother the Vitalik Buterin and he ignored the development speed of NEO&EOS which both projects were a competitor of the Ethereum platform. Many projects joined this platform due to the opportunities by the developers of ETH. The new teams don't need to create their own blockchain and the ERC-20 token platform was attractive for them.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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