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Quality attention by an experienced and hardworking team, periodic updates, and a great ecosystem of supply and demand. No doubt a project with many years of work secured ahead, the community is very broad. The users can make a lot of tasks explaining opinions, sharing content, creating digital brands & many more.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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I use it to change my founds from exchanges. For example: Problem: You have 0.01 bitcoin in Kucoin and need to send your founds fast and cheap to bittrex. Solution: Changing Bitcoin to Digibyte with 0.1 % fee and sending it to bittrex with less than 1 Digibyte fee. Your bittrex account has the money inside for this cost ---> 0.1% + ( 1digibyte cost maybe 350 satoshis ). And now you can sell your Dgb for Btc in bittrex for a low fee cost of transaction. Conclussion: Estimated amount of bitcoin in your account in bittrex ? 0.00995 This is a low cost to transfer founds avoiding hard fees Estimated cost in this case ? 0.00005 bitcoin = 5.000 satoshis. Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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