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I do not use WhiteBit regularly, but once I had to use because new project was listed there. So, there is a category in exchange, where you can change the token/coin directly to the opposite coin without creating an order. I saw that I could get a higher amount of BTC if I sold it in this category(this amount was calculated by exchange itself). So, I squeezed the exchange button. But, I did not get the amount that written in here. After exchanging it they calculated it with the last buy order. But, it was too late for everything, and I sold the tokens very cheaply because of the whitebit's miscalculation.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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BNB is the most successful coin this year, the price has reached the new ATH against the BTC few months ago. Although this price fell subsequently, the current situation is still good and might be the right time to buy. Because the increase of the market will affect it immediately, but then it may be late. Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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