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The KuCoin Stock (ticker: KCS) was launched by the KuCoin exchange in October 2017 and is a profit sharing coin that allows traders to take value from the KuCoin exchange. The KuCoin exchange is also relatively new, but the addition of the KuCoin Stock has helped the exchange grow quickly. The exchange itself aims to become one of the top crypto currency exchanges, and it is ready to use. KuCoin is based in Hong Kong, and the exchange currently handles around $ 10 million in daily volume. Another benefit of holding a KCS comes from the buyback and burning of the KuCoin Share. In this program KuCoin uses up to 10% of their quarterly profits to repurchase KCS tokens on the open market and then burn them, thereby reducing supply and theoretically making the remaining KCS more valuable.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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As mentioned above, Digibyte is a blockchain that is much faster, and also safer than Bitcoin. The main objective of this project is to reach a decentralized community that is bigger than Bitcoin. After more than six years this project has seen mixed results. Digibyte also benefits from a lack of fees and near instant transactions. Where Bitcoin transactions can take up to 10 minutes to confirm, Digibyte has reduced the confirmation time to only a few seconds. That makes it one of the fastest transactional blockchains in the world. Users can send DGB to other users, anywhere in the world, without paying any fees or even needing to register. There are many use cases for Digibyte, but because of the speed and security of the blockchain it is most suitable for creating new security features and assets. Two use cases currently under development are Digi-ID and Digi-AssetsSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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Cardano is a smart contract blockchain platform similar to Ethereum. The difference is a two-layer architecture and a scientific approach to implementing network renewal. The Cardano Blockchain is the brainchild of Ethereum's early contributor Charles Hoskinson and he maintains a key position in the Cardano ecosystem as CEO and founder of IOHK (Hong Kong Input Output). IOHK is a research and development company focused on the blockchain that has been contracted to build, design, and maintain Cardano until 2020. Cardano's approach may not be universally superior. Ethereum for example smart accounting bundles and contract information together. This provides an advantage because there are additional checks for fraudulent activity because more data is stored by network miners. This assignment solution and the transfer of fiduciary responsibility by the ADA holder to the stake indicate that Ouroboros might be closer to delegated proof of ownership compared to proof of ownership when fully launched.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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