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Telcoin aims to provide instant and low cost payments worldwide but in my opinion telcoin fails to do it. Their token is build on ethereum and we know ethereum is not instant. Maybe their interface shows the money instant which other services and bank also does so there is nothing special. Why to choose Telcoin to send money installing all the apps, having cards when you can use fast coins like Stellar (XLM). They also say low cost payments, only 2%, which is also very high compared with what you can do using fast & secure cryptocurrency. I believe Telcoin makes cryptocurrency looks bad from the point of view of advertising. "We are blockchain based but we ask 2% for each transfer." That's why people still use Western and other services like that.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Aeron aims to save people lives in aviation by using blockchain protocol. This is a very interesting and courageous initiative if we take into account that nowadays there are a lot of new laws and technology already evolves so fast in aviation domain. Aeron company has already established many connections in this field, being at this time number one cryptocurrency in aviation field. They already integrated in blockchain the pilot and company applications. They already achieved what they promised and I believe Aeron is a very reputable company at the moment with a lot of future plans such as having ownership over more aircrafts and a marketplace for aircraft kits. Four stars just because they need to be more focussed on advertising outside of cryptocurrency community to reach a bigger audience and actually solve some of the aviation problems.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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DragonEx is a beautiful built exchange, very easy to navigate and trade on it. Unfortunately I think this is better for new traders because there are no stop loss option or margin trading and also we can't use fiat to trade. Overall I think it deserves 4 stars because new traders can easy understand how to trade there and the support is very responsive and helpful. We need DragonEx to put some more funds into advertising and coding. Advertising to attract more users to trade and increase the liquidity and daily volumes and coding to transform the platform in a trading platform for professional traders who use margin, stop loss and more.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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