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According to me, ethereum is no1 platform for developers because ethereum supports all types of dapps like DEFI, Gaming, gambling and many other also ethereum network is also active as compared to another public blockchain's Thousand's of dapp running on the ethereum network One more thing i liked ethereum is every crypto exchange supports ethereum network also every hot (web/app), and cold (hardware) crypto wallet supports ethereum mainnet, and every wallet and exchange declared they're going to support 2.0 aswellSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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Revain a great platform those wants to share there real feedback toward coin or any crypto-related products as everyone knows currently no any beautiful platform developed yet the now most of the people share their feedback on reddit, and there we can't see all reviews once, so that's why revain is developed with beautiful interface also build with AI system to prevent fake/scam reviews easily. Revain platform currently provides to write reviews on all crypto coins, wallets, crypto spendable credit card, Crypto exchanges their this vision is excellent because in crypto it's hard to find which exchange is a scam or which wallet is a scam. I believe if every crypto owners know about revain platform, their platform will rock soon as many people got scams and I saw too many people share their scam story on some telegram groups, and many people don't seem able to know as it's not possible to join every crypto group at that case revain will become most used dapp if adoption increase Currently I see revain have working product but needs adoption Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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