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Nexus is a blockchain redesigned, with multiple features that allow the end user to easily build and create new dApps and tokens. Users can easil navigate through the easy to use new Tritium wallet. Nexus uses a new 3DC blockchain design, which allows for high throughput, high security and maximum decentralisation. Nexus reaches these feats through multiple features including the implementation of Argon2, FALCON and LISP to name a few. Signature chains are a Nexus creation, which does away with traditional private and public key usage and implements a Username, password and Pin to access your account. it's easy to download the lightweight blockchain and start staking your coins, this can be achieved with low balances and with low powered Pc's and for the tech savvy, you can also configure a RaspberryPi and use that as your staking device. With the use of Plugins like bubble anyone can create a dApp, even if you aren't a traditional dApp developer. Future developments such as the LLL-OS will bring an operating system to blockchain and a decentralised mesh network made possible through LISP will also add to the Stella list of features Nexus is offering now or will be bringing out in the not too distant future. Nexus is something to rival in the Blockchain space, and once there is more awareness made of this great Community driven project, Nexus will flourish and has the potential to become widely used. All this is is made possible by a stella Development team, and a great community contribution effort. Join any of the Nexus socials and you will become apart of a truly friendly and inviting and passionate blockchain community. Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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