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About Nexus

Nexus is implementation of three consensus channels, transforming the blockchain into a 3D process called the 3 Dimensional Chain. The 3DC protocol organically scales to meet network computational demands, which means the network gets faster as more nodes join the system.

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Completely new type blockchain through three separate mechanisms.

This is one of the most innovative cryptocurrencies. The currency operates and operates on its own algorithm which has a great infrastructure that makes it beyond first generation cryptocurrency as…See more

Nexus: An Interspatial Blockchain

Nexus is a digital asset known by its symbol NXS. It is used in its digital platform for the commercialization of crypto assets, data and information among its users. Beyond being a cryptocurrency…See more

Will be around forever

Nexus is a solid project with a great vision. Highly secure, fast and decentralized. This is long term project building not only a blockchain but a whole set of technologies among them a secure…See more

Nexus, NXS, the future of crypto currency

been watching nexus for years have watched it progress more than any other coin. They truly are making something amazing with nexus. It's not another alt coin or token. Nexus is really building up…See more

Nexus- decentralised blockchain made user friendly.

Nexus is a blockchain redesigned, with multiple features that allow the end user to easily build and create new dApps and tokens. Users can easil navigate through the easy to use new Tritium wallet…See more

P2P network that enhances blockchain scalability.

This is a project that truly addresses quantum resistance and a few other possible issues for the future. If, however, all of these problems become as huge as Team Faith and the team successfully…See more

Composed of a fast and secure transaction network

Founded in 2014 by Colin Cantrell, Nexus was created with the aim of becoming the world's most secure digital currency, since unlike bitcoin it wants to represent a more scalable and much faster…See more

Contract and Dapps platform

This is a project that has been developing for more than 5 years, its highest peak was in 2018 as the majority of cryptocurrencies with an approximate price of $ 9 currently follows a descending…See more

Very , very ambicious

- In the top 100 wallets are holding 49,976,454.70 NXS tokens. Which is a lot since the circulating supply is: 63,402,845 NXS. This indicates that whales are heavily invested into Nexus and the…See more

Such plans for improving Nexus include improving the performance of the…

Such plans for improving Nexus include improving the performance of the blockchain – providing scaling and improving quantum resistance, as well as the division into certain sections. The priorities…See more