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Fire Lotto, a Hong Kong based company, is an innovative decentralized lottery platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. Fire Lotto offers two types of lottery games: a draw and an instant win game. The lottery platform has a licensed cryptocurrency exchange with a user-friendly interface that allows players to buy lottery tickets both with cryptocurrencies and with money (using a credit card or Paypal). Token holders receive a 10% commission on all sales of lottery tickets, which is paid in ETHSee full review

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QUBE, an English company, is a security platform based on blockchain tecnology for vehicles. Launched in 2018 (ICO public-sale was held in february 2018), QUBE aims to use blockchain technology to improve the security of car mobile sector. In QUBE there are still woking in progress, in fact he artificial intelligence layer will begin to be applied from 2019, and will be commercialized not before 2020. Qube team develops quantum cryptography to prevent hacking attacks against autonomous and indeSee full review

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UChain is a public infrastructure blockchain projected for the sharing economy. Through a peer-to-peer blockchain intelligent platform UChain team aims to solve the traditional problems of centralized systems (expensive transactions, no credit certainty and user data abuse in the sharing economy). Every shared economy can develop its own Dapp on the UChain network and issue its own Token. UChain platform belong to UChain Foundation, a formal non-profit organization registered in the Cayman IslaSee full review

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HalalChain is the first public blockchain company that supports Muslim countries. By implementing blockchain technology into the Halal supply chain and Islamic financial industry, founders team will help to increase transparency and traceability in Islamic financial products and services, traceability of halal and healthy products, Zakat donations, heritage and property registration, cultural communication etc... Founders decided to found HalalChain because blockchain technology can offer an effSee full review

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Monero-Classic is a decentralized cryptocurrency. It is based on CryptoNote protocol and retains all parameters and features of the original Monero chain. Monero-Classic team will continue to build the ecosystem based on original Monero features, making original chain of Monero and its surrounding ecosystem thrive. Monero-Classic is fungible because it is private by default. Units of Monero-Classic cannot be blacklisted by vendors or exchanges due to their association in previous transactions. MSee full review

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Stox, registered in Gibraltar, is an open source, Ethereum base prediction market platform. Based on users predictions, every day people are able to predict and trade the outcome of events in many and varied categories (finance, sports, politics, weather, etc..). Stox platform is supported by STX digital token, the primary mean for fees, collaterals, and the currency for investment in event outcomes. Stox will feature Invest com as its debut provider and operator. Stox incentivizes other importaSee full review

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Phantasma is an innovative platform to revolutionize application development in the key area of data management and content-sharing. It introduces a decentralized content distribution system running on the blockchain, with strong emphasis on privacy and security. Privacy is so extremely important that all data within Phantasma is encrypted. The Phantasma platform and framework is designed on the basis of a publish-subscribe data dissemination model: - Boxes (they act as content hubs for generalSee full review

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Tripio, founded in late 2017 in Beijing and led by CEO Wesley Shen and CTO George Zhu, aims to be the first travel marketplace based on blockchain. It leverages the decentralized network provided by blockchain technologies to directly connect global customers and service providers. Moreover, it builds a service ecosystem based on transparent, tamper-resistant trust and incentives. Tripio’s technologies reduce transactional and operational costs in travel industries, as well as improve customer eSee full review

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KORE, and all its supporting projects, promotes anonymity for financial transactions as well as phone calls, web surfing, a cross platform operating system, KOREPhone and even web purchases through a proprietary marketplace via the custom-built wallet. Founders' goal is to provide an entire ecosystem that facilitates privacy and security. KORE Platforms are focused strongly on Privacy and Security, directed at regaining these important Inalienable Human Rights. KORE project is dedicated to indSee full review

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ZelCash is a mineable digital currency based on the technological foundations of the cryptocurrency Zcash which utilizes zero-knowledge proofs, commonly seen in many privacy coins. The inclusion of zk-SNARKs within this technology means that transactions can be shielded allowing for complete anonymity between users. ZelCash plays a strategic and central role in the Zel ecosystem, in fact it is used as an incentive to own a ZelNode to enable the creation of ZelEx and the ZelDev Platform. This ecoSee full review

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TokenCard, a London based Company, is an important project where users are able to load cryptocurrency onto a card and use it like they would any other credit or debit card. TokenCard is a debit card that users can use anywhere in the world where debit and credit cards are accepted, including at ATMs. users fund their card with an allowance from their ERC-20-compatible contract wallet. Founders mission is to build a consumer banking experience for the crypto world within the decentralization. ThSee full review

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We can define Ink project as an open platform for blockchain copyright registration, cultural assets management platform, IP assets trading platform, business incubation system, Ink BaaS service, cross-chain interaction protocol. Faced with the increasingly complex needs of the cultural and creative industries, users can apply a combination of copyright protection, assets management, trading, business incubation, etc. to any scenario at Ink. In a few words, Ink focuses on the original content inSee full review

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Founded in March 2018, eosDAC introduced itself as a community-owned EOS Block producer and highlighted its vision that EOS IO block production should be open for everyone to contribute and benefit. In order to create an EOS Block producer that is owned by the EOS community itself, eosDAC dropped 75% of eosDAC tokens to the EOS Token Holders. eosDAC was born out of Dan Larimer’s concept of Decentralized Autonomous Communities or DACs. So, eosDAC was launched by BlockMaker Ltd but once eosDAC is See full review

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TokenStars, launched in 2017, is a talent management blockchain platform that applies decentralized scouting and community voting to ensure transparent engagement for millions of users: celebrities + fans + brands & advertisers. TokenStars solves 4 major problems of market participants: 1) Financial support (young players have difficulty in raising funds); 2) Sponsorship (the agencies attract sponsors especially for famous players and often neglect youngs); 3) Advertising (brands seek for more See full review

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The Chinese platform plans to provide its members with copyright marks, global IP equity exchanges, content platforms and distribution of IP derivatives. The public chain will service together with developers and traders who plan to invest in the IP asset exchange. There are potential areas where StarChain can be useful to most of us. First off, StarChain is set to offer a more accessible content production platform for the audiences. Whether a writer, producer or actor whatever content you put See full review

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Celsius Network, launched in 2018, is a borrowing and lending platform that will allow users to earn up to 7% interest on their cryptocurrency while taking loans at 9% interest, using their crypto as collateral. The platform uses Blockchain to enable peer-to-peer lending, and the credit limit and the interest rate is based on what is the best interest on the entire membership, not just the lenders. Celsius interest rates are updated weekly based on the demand in the market. Interest are paid in See full review

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SOMA allows authentication of items and products in global trade. SOMA’s patent-pending Heimdall Protocol is the integral key to the digital tracking of an item and all of its important information, throughout the SOMA marketplace. Whenever a new item listing is created in the SOMA marketplace, the Heimdall Protocol stores and encodes the critical and key information, which follows the item its whole life, through the SOMA ecosystem: - Origin - Ownership history - Item condition - Certification See full review

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Bitvolt is a cryptocurrency investment company established in 2017 and based in London. Volt users can earn 3% annual through POS (Proof of Stake) process. It enables lightining fast trasaction between individuals, companies, merchants and financial institutions. In addition to fast and globl payments, VOLT also provides a secure online wallet for users' Volt Coin with the security of a deep cold storage vault. Bitvolt (VOLT) is a cryptocurrency. Bitvolt has a current supply of 61 608 156 VOLT wSee full review

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We are talking about a platform (how many were born in the last two years) that explicitly addresses business users with the aim of offering companies an ideal development environment in which to build and implement their own blockchain projects, reducing the initial costs and simplifying management. In other words, it is a turnkey solution designed to allow companies to develop, test and distribute blockchain-based applications without having to bear the burden of direct network management. StrSee full review

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Feathercoin is a crypto that was introduced as a substitute for the more famous bitcoin. It was launched around 2013 and is still active regardless of its small trading volume. It does not provide much as regards its uniqueness in comparison to bitcoin as well as predecessors based on blockchain and was seen as another copy. The development team initially had some great plans for some remarkable projects which consisted of physical coin and t-shirt wallets but the ideas were dropped as its populSee full review

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