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Revainrating 3 out of 5  
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Description of HalalChain

Halal-Chain is a decentralized global monitoring solution for product safety and integrity which is achieved by harnessing the power of the technology of consortium chain, with the particular attention in the field of Halal industry, including food, medicine and cosmetics.


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Type of review

Full-fledged oversight, along with the distribution of supplies, requires policies that can be the basis for the issuance of a criminal certificate, as well as admiration for good standards, and follow-up mechanisms established at each stage of the method to permanently determine standards . Supervisory companies have licenses to take more affordable courses with professional equipment that reaches market performance. In the middle of an organization, it seeks reconciliation with the daily…

  • Allows goods to be legally licensed.
  • Our bodies have certificates that control many situations.
  • This includes ordering the expansion of factors at an important level of development and commercial enterprise.
  • Critically controls and manipulates various products during the trading phase.
  • I support this mission because it is very useful and meaningful for reference in the future.
  • It is now difficult to change the payment of HLC.
  • We need to strengthen advertising equipment and allow better growth within the market.

HalalChain (HLC): is an errand that allows a better authority over the usage of its cash, licenses to achieve a more entable course working on its organizations keeping watch, has a specialist instrument that achieve the market measures are all the more impressive and with a higher speed of headway and can have a tip top in business trades, is an endeavor that searches for its compromise in the consistently life of the customers, chipping away at the cycles and pondering hard its certification…

  • It has all out affirmation organizations, which mulls over different circumstances.
  • It incorporates a huge turn of events and order over different things at a business level.
  • It needs to develop its publicizing structure and grant an unrivaled progression watching out.

HalalChain (HLC): is a task that permits a superior authority over the utilization of its money, permits to accomplish a more entable course working on its administrations on the lookout, has an expert instrument that accomplish the market measures are more powerful and with a higher pace of advancement and can have an elite in business exchanges, is a venture that looks for its reconciliation in the every day life of the clients, working on the cycles and thinking about hard its affirmation on

  • It has total confirmation administrations, which contemplates various situations.
  • It includes a significant development and command over various items at a business level.
  • It needs to build up its publicizing framework and permit a superior advancement on the lookout.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

My review to day about the project HalalChain

Controlling the total course that covers the conveyance of provisions requires the foundation of control instruments in each period of the cycle that lead to for all time setting strategies and rules that can fill in as a reason for the issuance of lawful authentications in regards to quality principles. HALALCHAIN was made to set up the fundamental controls to acquire the accreditation of the appropriation course of the product that the Halal organization sells. In this sense, a biological

  • It permits to legitimately approve the items Controls the observing of item appropriation Establish a protected climate around the organization
  • I highly recommend this project as it is very useful and practical for future reference
  • It is now and again hard to counsel the worth of HLC

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Makes a management component for HALAL products.

Undisputed scrutiny, including the proliferation of supply, requires the foundations of monitoring tools at every stage of the cycle, which requires constant assurance of strategies and models that can lead to price assertions regarding price norms. It requires an examination of ongoing segments with a guarantee of approaches and measures that can motivate law enforcement. At every stage of the process, including the provision of rules, it requires a review of the tools that lead to the…

  • Controls the turnover of goods.
  • Offers order.
  • Printing electronic parts to HalalChain token holders.
  • Full test looking at changed situations.
  • Sorting HLC prices here and there is difficult.
  • Only a Muslim chain program.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

A project with a dynamic and advanced professional mechanism.

HalalChain was made to establish basic controls to validate the distribution of Halal products. Full-time oversight, including the dissemination of regulations, requires a review of the components that lead to the continued guarantee of approaches and measures that could be the reason for making a legal statement regarding pricing at each stage of the work. The phase depends on the innovation of the Directed Acyclic Graph, which allowed the creative team to work on a multilateral fragment…

  • offers solutions based on blockchain and the Internet of Things in accordance with Shariah rules and principles.
  • Allows products to be legally certified
  • We need to strengthen the advertising system and allow better growth in the market.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

People have come up with a lot about this project.

Halal-Chain is a world center for well-being and honesty enhanced by the innovations of the chain consortium, such as food, medicine and beauty products. Your code entry page on github is your website, it is not published, so consider whether this project is really progressive or not. Full-time monitoring, including the distribution of supplies, requires the establishment of monitoring mechanisms at each stage of the work that lead to the permanent determination of policies and criteria that…

  • It seeks to establish standard management mechanisms on the supply chain.
  • There is a safe ecosystem.
  • I didn’t find the negative side.

HalalChain HLC has a professional tool that allows for a higher order on the use of cash, allows you to conduct a more convenient course to improve your administration in search, and perform market activities more strongly and higher. An enterprise that can be elite in growth and business exchanges, seeks to integrate into the daily lives of its customers, improves its circulation, and is very focused on research, is a decentralized use. It considers the need to improve and allow it to use its…

  • The meaning of the blockchain system is to enable higher synchronization of methods and to improve outcomes.
  • Its value does not really match, it is difficult to solve the level of speculation, it has to be summed up in a very decisive way.

HalalChain (HLC): is a project that allows a better control over the use of its currency, allows to achieve a more entable route improving its services in the market, has a professional mechanism that achieve the market processes are more dynamic and with a higher rate of development and can have a high performance in commercial transactions, is a project that seeks its integration in the daily life of the users, improving the processes and considering hard its certification in the market, is a

  • It has complete verification services, which studies different scenarios.
  • It features an important follow-up and control over different products at a commercial level.
  • It works to ensure a purely commercial environment focused on production and business.
  • Its presence in the blockchain network allows to achieve a better synchronization of the means and allows to improve the results.
  • Its value is very changeable, it is difficult to decide on its level of investment, it has to be studied in a very determined way.
  • It has to reinforce its advertising system and allow a better progress in the market.

Revainrating 3 out of 5


Hi there. Today I will talk about HalalChain. It is a muslim platform. Controlling the total course that covers the conveyance of supplies requires the foundation of control components in each stage of the method that lead to forever setting approaches and criteria that can serve as a premise for the issuance of legitimate certificates with respect to quality standards. HALALCHAIN was created in arrange to set up the essential controls to get the certification of the dissemination course of the

  • Users can monitor the products
  • It has a safe ecosystem
  • I don't see any bad sides

Revainrating 2 out of 5

establishes a control mechanism for HALAL merchandise

Controlling the complete route that covers the distribution of supplies requires the establishment of control mechanisms in each phase of the process that lead to permanently setting policies and criteria that can serve as a basis for the issuance of legal certificates regarding quality standards. HALALCHAIN was created in order to establish the necessary controls to obtain the certification of the distribution route of the merchandise that the Halal company sells. In this sense, an…

  • It allows to legally validate the products
  • Controls the monitoring of product distribution
  • Create a safe environment around the company
  • Seeks to establish standard control mechanisms over the supply network
  • It is sometimes difficult to consult the value of HLC
  • Exclusive Muslim chain application

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Cryptoactive without much testable progress.

This network has a hybrid work test that allows greater decentralization in the chain and faster as its form of mining is reconsidered based on the initial idea of ​​Bitcoin. - It is noteworthy that the entire infrastructure that supports this network is currently under development, it is currently a token of the Etherium platform. -It is focused on the Islamic market, sought to bring the world of cryptocurrencies to this part of the market. -A matter that is interesting to highlight is the…

  • It uses standards raised at the beginning of BTC to raise its mining.
  • Mainnet is not active yet.
  • Currently it is only a utility token, with no real use in transactions.
  • It is not possible to use the testnet.
  • There is no published information of the code on github although they are presented as open source.

HalalChain is the first public blockchain company that supports Muslim countries. By implementing blockchain technology into the Halal supply chain and Islamic financial industry, founders team will help to increase transparency and traceability in Islamic financial products and services, traceability of halal and healthy products, Zakat donations, heritage and property registration, cultural communication etc... Founders decided to found HalalChain because blockchain technology can offer an…

  • - HalalChain allows its token holders to enjoy a range of efficient solutions such as instant E-payments, E-commerce and a large number of other benefits. - HLC Technologies provide solutions based on blockchain and internet of Things in accordance with Shariah rules and principles. - Important partnerships (Halal Asia, Perwiratama Group, Halal Food Authority).
  • - Young project, still in early stages. - HalalChain ROI: -94,20% (the approximate return on investment if purchased at the time of launch).