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EGT Invest

Revainrating 5 out of 5

This project looks very promising, and the developers ' plans are very ambitious, as they plan to attract more than 200,000 developers and 1 billion HTML5 devices. There are all prerequisites to believe that the project will be the future of the gaming industry. But Egretia there is one drawback – in the core team there is not one expert in the Blockchain.See full review

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Good luck!

Revainrating 3 out of 5

In General, the wallet is made beautifully, has its pros and cons, but honestly, I would not use it. There is no information, there was no media, unknown team. I can wish the project the best, I will follow and if that add my comment to the review!See full review

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As a result, the following situation is obtained - the platform has been in existence for 4.5 years, but it is not known or in demand. Therefore, it is not known what long-term investments in the described project can lead to. Because the serious growth of the rate of this crypto currency can not be expected, unless the developers take the project seriously.See full review

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Once the user is registered on the site, he can start working. Registration for Exmo is very simple, although it is required to observe a number of nuances. For example, you need to have Google-mail. Be sure after entering the basic data, you need to go to your email and activate your account. You will be able to work if you do not activate it, but at some point you will not be able to withdraw funds, and this can be done only with technical support. The interface of the site is clear and simpleSee full review

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Reviews of the exchange OKEx in Russian are few: in the CIS it has not yet gained much popularity. The number of positive and negative assessments is about the same. Among the advantages, users note the lack of mandatory verification and futures trading. Negative reviews about stock exchange OKEx mainly associated with the withdrawal. Some users are experiencing difficulties receiving verification codes. At the same time, the number of such reviews is relatively small.See full review

poloniex logo

Reviews of this exchange give a mixed assessment. Among the undoubted advantages it is worth noting excellent liquidity, a wide range of forks, as well as the possibility of lending. Poloniex is a great example of the exchange, suitable for beginners and for professionals. But, there are also significant disadvantages: the terrible work of the support service, the answer from which you can wait for months. Sometimes, at the most interesting time, the exchange may not be available. In addition, tSee full review

binance logo

In General, in my opinion, the exchange is decent and safe! Good luck!See full review

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Detailed review

Revainrating 4 out of 5

The developers of the ICON project were not the first who decided to create a system that combines various blockchains. The authors of the Ethereum platform were the first to work in this direction. But they now need to solve performance and transaction speed problems. Until then, we are not talking about any global blockchain. Another competitor of ICON is the Ontology platform. The creators of this Chinese project have the same goals as the authors of ICON. However, in their case there are See full review

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Detail Review

Revainrating 5 out of 5

For investors, Litecoin represents relative potential. There is a growth trend, but many experts associate it with the General interest in the cryptocurrency market. The main disadvantage of litecoin is not a technical implementation, and the lack of original ideas. In practice, Litecoin does not offer any new projects for further development, which would significantly distinguish it from bitcoin. The emphasis is only on the accelerated transaction and more favorable conditions while mining. See full review

genaro network logo

Taking into account these plans, the prospects of the project and a number of advantages over analogues are emphasized. The expanded range of opportunities for creation, management and storage of information, decentralization and advanced algorithms of interaction make Genaro Network not only a competitive platform, but also a promising platform for profit.See full review

iot chain logo

Analysts positively evaluate the development of the IoT Chain, emphasizing the application prospects of the platform and the growing interest in artificial intelligence on the basis of the Internet of Things. The proposed productivity is able to withstand the user load and at the same time has the potential for further scaling.See full review

pivx logo

Based on these conditions, experts emphasize the potential of the cryptocurrency, based on its active development. Along with the successful implementation of the declared technologies, interest in PIVX will inevitably grow, on the basis of which the cost of these digital money will increase. The attractiveness of cryptocurrency for a wide range of users is its ease of use and the ability to influence further development. At the same time, developers do not introduce radically new technologies See full review

utrust logo

The main advantage of UTRUST in this matter is the reduction of fees, which is especially important when using the internal cryptocurrency. However, in practice, this aspect is not always considered significant - PayPal Commission is large enough, but it does not reduce the popularity of this system. In the context of the presented aspects, short-term deposits associated with the periodic redemption of coins by developers, as well as news events and technical implementation of the tasks may be See full review

vertcoin logo

However, in this context, attention should be paid to the prospects of development. The lack of innovative ideas significantly reduces the potential and competitiveness of the project. In this situation, investing in Vertcoin is associated with the presence of appropriate plans of developers focused on the areas in demand for users. Against their background, this cryptocurrency will be profitable for long-term investments.See full review

aave logo

The nearest plans of ETHLend developers are focused on the following tasks: (+)- implementation of a platform for placement of ready proposals from creditors; (+)- the mechanism of crowd-lending – some lenders can Finance one loan based on the General smart contract; (+)- formation of reputation system DCR – decentralized credit rating will display the full history of each user and his activity; accrual of penalties for delay; (+)- expanding the list of currencies for issuing loans – initially,See full review

bytom logo

Taking into account such factors, Bytom application can become a popular tool for working with digital data. Analysts positively assess its potential in the global economy, provided the qualitative implementation of technologies of interaction between different operators and blockchains.See full review

adex logo

The platform is developing in the current field, is competitive and has a strong, proven team of specialists. These conditions create prospects for successful investment in AdEx, preferably on a long-term basis.See full review

cred logo

Taking into account this factor, investing in Libra Credit is evaluated positively. In the context of the gradual development of the project, mainly long-term deposits are allocated, against the background of partnership agreements and further distribution, short-term investments can also bring profit. However, taking into account the presented aspects, it is recommended to carefully assess the associated risks when investing.See full review

litecoin cash logo

However, according to analysts, such steps do not make the cryptocurrency promising. Competition, lack of original ideas and low usability of digital money - all this has a negative impact on the potential of their growth. In this context, investing in Litecoin Cash is considered only as a secondary investment, which can benefit only in the short term against the background of news events. For long-term deposits, the cryptocurrency does not yet show significant prospects.See full review

streamr logo

However, the lack of deadlines even with the successful technical implementation of Streamr DATAcoin does not allow to calculate the investment period. Such deposits are assessed as secondary, which under certain circumstances can bring profit. It is not recommended to invest in them the main assets yet.See full review

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