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Review on Nexus by francis fernandez

Nexus: An Interspatial Blockchain

Nexus is a digital asset known by its symbol NXS. It is used in its digital platform for the commercialization of crypto assets, data and information among its users.

Beyond being a cryptocurrency, Nexus is a decentralized global ecosystem that works like a 3D blockchain; which guarantees greater decentralization, guarantees greater security and optimizes the use of its resources.

But the Nexus developers want to go further to give their users much more freedom. They seek to fix their blockchain on space satellites linked to earth hubs.

In this sense, Nexus designs a universal network ecosystem that includes decentralized servers and applications hosted on space satellites remotely connected to terrestrial digital platforms to achieve a global internet. This would be achieved with the interoperability of software and hardware without the intermediation of any regulatory entity. Designing protocols that operate in networks of hardware equipment located on the ground.

How does the Nexus consensus protocol work?

The mining of its multidimensional blockchain is made up of three layers of consensus:

1-Channel Prime (CPU Mining): At this level, the POW consensus protocol is used, which reduces the power of the GPU ASICs, allowing the inclusion of CPU holders in the mining process.

2-Channel Hashing (GPU Mining): In this layer the hashashash protocol is used to locate a SHA-256 hash. Mining in this layer with a GPU rather than a CPU is considered vital.

3- Retention Test (nPOS): In this stage the miners stick to their coins and proceed to their request according to their reputation. This interferes with the degree of trust the server has in the network point by point and the reputation of its performance throughout its operation as a reputation node.

Undoubtedly, Nexus is an unprecedented project that aspires to the limitless internet seen from an interspatial ecosystem, which guarantees autonomy, freedom and absolute decentralization of blockchain networks.

How are NXS tokens acquired?

They can be mined and can be obtained with Bitcoin on exchange platforms such as: Bittrex and Upbit.

Pros & cons

  • It is a platform that searches the internet with total freedom and without control of any kind.
  • It is an easy-to-use tool for transferring digital assets.
  • Their native currency can be mined or bought.
  • Their currency can be mined with CPU and GPU equipment.
  • It is a pioneering project in designing a blockchain network in space.
  • There are no disadvantages in its use.