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I don't know, really. They say that the ICO would start at the end of may and we're still hear nothing. I hope this would not become a scam. In my personal blog you should know that I talk pretty about everything. However Today I'm gonna tell you a big news. This event is really succeful in my opinion. The Aussie Digital company start an airdrop recently. You can ear a lot of money, maybe 100$ of worth. Maybe more with the reffereals. Many ID verification fail, and the servers constatly are blocked. With AD Co. airdrop ID card is not neccesary because their team is checking every account that us made. This is very professional. About the company The AD company is a new startup. They created a new crypto "AUDcoin". Now the value of the coin is 0.01$ = 1AUD (pretty much). Big shout out to the company. I've never seen an airdropo like that . People all over the wolrd are coming for the coins. It remember me one of the first scene of Mad Max, when Immortal Joe throw the water down the montain. Incredible film. The company also has a big implement in thei society. The markeplace. We well know that crypto are used primarly in Darknet Marketplace (Silkroad, Dreammareket...) and this is very offensive for the tader of crypto. Now Aussie Digital is changing the game. Soon a New marketplace will be realesed. Finally a Legal crypto marketplace. It will be called Tradezy and it will change our future.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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