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About AudioCoin

AudioCoin is a blockchain apps will slowly replace traditional music industry infrastructure and lead to greater transparency whilst empowering users and artists. The nature of a decentralised ledger brings transparency to legacy systems.

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Audiocoin project is to empower a new generation of audio artists.

My perspective when i heard audiocoin was like this coin will be for musicians. Because the word audio has to do with music. But i discovered that anyone who have interest ca create n account and…See more

Currency of Music industry

Music platforms become very popular nowadays. Also crypto world is enlarging day by day. Harmony of these two big sectors created AudioCoin. AudioCoin is cryptocurrency of Digital music marketing…See more


AudioCoin is referred to as the Cryptocurrency of the Digital Music Market and it is a highly innovative piece of cryptocurrency. AudioCoin is a digital currency, and of course, digital currencies…See more

AudioCoin is a reliable platform.

The AudioCoin project is created in cash in a computerized voice, that is, it allows customers to choose music and advanced entertainment, create around music markets, as well as create new…See more

Listen with AudioCoin

Audius is a music sharing protocol that removes the bridge that connects music lovers with content creators and broadcasters. Here, publishers can choose to directly distribute all the content…See more

AudioCoin provides reliable and transparent exchanges.

He wants to make it easier for crypto theorists to exchange resources and put in place various tools related to cash. This requires the opening of a financial foundation that is always operational…See more

The Audiocoin has one of the best online platform for music industry.

The platform audiocoin was launched in 2013 as a fully decentralized platform, the project is very transparent and nearly impossible to fall victim of fraud, and they aren't into the subject of…See more

New way to consume music.

It expands on Peercoin and by affiliation Bitcoin convention to give another approach to burn-through music. It separates the hindrances of customary web-based business frameworks and gives an…See more

AudioCoin (ADC): is a project that is developed as a currency in digital audio.

AudioCoin (ADC): is a project that is developed as a currency in digital audio, focuses on the music markets where the consumer is an alternative of musical and digital revolution, offers the…See more

Good, but not perfect.

I don't know, really. They say that the ICO would start at the end of may and we're still hear nothing. I hope this would not become a scam. In my personal blog you should know that I talk pretty…See more