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Review on AudioCoin by Mehemmed Akberov

Currency of Music industry

Music platforms become very popular nowadays. Also crypto world is enlarging day by day. Harmony of these two big sectors created AudioCoin. AudioCoin is cryptocurrency of Digital music marketing. AudioCoin can be freely used in music industry. It is a new recolution in this industry and I think will be very popular in near future like next 5 years.

AudioCoin is a decentralized project. You can pay for music apps with this coin and if you are an artist, you can also get your money with this coin.

It is a fast abd transparent way for finance operations that also has low fees. Transactions are making in Proof of Stake v.3 mechanism and if you know crypto industry you understand that it provides you with security and privacy.

In modern technology world I think this evolution is not much surprising.

Pros & cons

  • An innovative technology
  • Fast and secure
  • No bad sides