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Atomic Swap Wallet

atomic wallet is one wallet that supports lots of coins and tokens, atomic is also one of the personal wallet which is very good security, atomic wallet also has airdrop for new users, new users can get 10 atomic by entering a special code from the user who has registered , in my opinion this is very interesting because we can use atomic purses for our purposes as well as we can get prizes, to get an airdrop prize is quite easy we only need to make an atomic applied wallet after that we register using email and verify our email, and for prizes will be in for each atomic wallet that meets the requirements every 1 month, atomic wallet is also very simple in operation, for new users in my opinion is also very simple, if we have problems with the operation of the atomic wallet we can ask the custmer service in the atomic wallet too available customer service address e so we just need to look for it, atomic wallet customer service is also very good and friendly and also responsive, maybe that's just a review from me if anyone wants to add may be shared in the comments thanks.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Blockchain Wallet

blockcahin is one of the purses intended for cryptocurency, in the blockchain wallet there are coins like bitcoin, ether, steller, bitcoin cash, and digital usd, we can swap usd to cryptocurency coins very easily with 1x click, swap for silver level is $ 1000 and for the gold level of $ 25000, to become a gold level we need kyc, to do kyc is also very easy, if it matches the instructions given in the blockchain wallet, if you only want to swap $ 1000 you don't need kyc, for security we can use 2fa, finger print if your cellphone is available, security via email and mobile number, in the blockchain wallet there are also sometimes event gifts, such as those already running, for those who do kyc and become a gold level can get a free steller and the most recent is airdrop STX but now it's over, maybe later in the blockchain wallet will hold airdrop, but airdrop is only specified by u for the gold level, maybe that's all I know, if there is something lacking please let me know in the comments thank youSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is one of the wallets working with binance, the trusty of the wallet is very easy to use, supported with a simple and interesting look, with a wallet trump we can also make our own wallet, like ERC20 wallet, TRX, and more, and we can make a multi wallet, the wallet trous can also be used to trade by using BNB-based coins, the Wallet Trust has a simple and simple look so it is very interesting in view, to delivery and accept coins or tokens are also very easy, maybe that's all I know it may be much more excess of the Wallet Trust I have not mentioned, if there is a shortage I am sorry to be thank you.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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binance is one of the cryptocurency exchanges that many people are interested in, because binance is one of the trusted exchanges, to make a deposit is now very easy too many choices of credit cards to make a deposit, and to make a withdrawal now is also given a lot of our many conveniences can make withdrawals directly to wherever we want, and to make withdrawals with coins or tokens is also very easy enough to do 2fa, I really like to trade in binance because it is very easy and safe maybe that's all I know from binance if anyone can give more assessment can give input d comment thank youSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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