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HomeNewsCryptoRevain: Reinventing Reviews Revain: Reinventing Reviews Dariusz August 20, 2017 Crypto, News Blockchain technology is changing the way we think about almost every industry, and new projects are continually founded to address the gaps in markets where the blockchain can help. Revain is a new project looking to bring more honesty and transparency to the PR and reviews industry via the blockchain. Let’s take a closer look at this project. TRUSTLESS REVIEWS ARE TRULY UNBIASED REVIEWS The review industry is huge, but consumers do not often think about what goes on behind the scenes. We read good, bad, and neutral reviews and subsequently make a judgment as to whether or not we will purchase a good or service. For every four consumers attracted by good reviews, bad reviews can deter up to 11 consumers. Because of the power that both good and bad reviews hold, many companies hire other companies to manage their online review presence. These companies can alter and delete negative reviews while bolstering good ones. This means that all consumers should be incredibly skeptical of reviews unless there is a public and unbiased way of validating reviews. That is where Revain steps in. Using the blockchain, Revain plans on building an economic model and ecosystem where consumers receive trustless reviews and have confidence that those reviews are not altered, doctored, or RSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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