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My review on Trust wallet. Trust wallet app is a secure crypto currency wallet that provides its users to store different varieties of coins and top currency coins. Trust wallet is easily accessible and also provide a gateway to coin exchange. That is, one can easily swap from one coin to another and can also decide to go live to exchange. Trust wallet also support DApps- Decentralized Applications which offers different smart contracts and projects. Sending and receiving of funds with low fees or transaction rate is also made possible. Also, Trust wallet application makes it possible to create a token for the start of a new project. Security of funds is at high level as it is protected with user encryption, you can also choose to unlock your wallet either through password or fingerprint option. The exchange is not available to some coins and pairs. It is only for smartphone, no desktop app.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Ethereum, short name ETH can be considered as the second growing crypto-currency aside Bitcoin. It's a good investment to venture into when you talk about crypto-currency investment. Ethereum also support decentralized projects such as forsage and million money which are crowdfunding projects. Although, I really don't know when and how Ethereum project came in place but I believe it really came out as a successful project. Aside the positive sides of reviewing this project, there is also the negative side. The transaction fee also called gas price for Ethereum transfer is getting too high. Although this is caused by the high rate of transaction mined at the pool by miners. As many transactions are being made, miners get to process transactions with high fees because the fees go to them, and so transactions with low fee have to wait long in the waiting pool before they are processed.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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