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Bitcoin - The First!

Whoever brought the world of cryptocurrencies today, BTC has strongly brought a technology that has been on paper for years. Congratulations to Satoshi for creating this, nowadays the rates are high and everything, but it is still a great currency, it has its advantages today, although altcoins have lower rates and faster transactions! Listed in several exchanges, great movement, high liquidity, great cryptocurrency, maybe BTC will be accepted in several trades in the world. Bitcointalk is also a great place to publicize projects, important information, like the whitepaper, the purpose of projects, how it works, information like supply, mining, reward per block, time per blockSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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I am happy to participate in Revain, the environment is very pleasant, very beautiful and clean. We are free to see legitimate revisions of interesting currencies, in addition to gaining some RVNs and leveling up, it is a very intuitive platform, I am grateful to be part of it. Thanks Revain! I see that the site is well organized, and the team too, I hope it improves.. No wonder many people are here. Continue like this Revain, whoever is interested, will reap good fruits! I hope that many coins that I like will be able to enter this incredible communitySiehe vollständige Bewertung

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ATOMIC - A nice wallet!

Excellent wallet, extremely fast transactions, good currencies listed, I received the airdrop, it has an integrated exchange and the fees are not so expensive. It has a stake of some coins, it is a great portfolio, very useful for me. I hope your token grows and your wallet gets better and better! Thanks so much! We have the possibility to choose how much fee we will pay (The fee is not null, but we can leave it very low)Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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SCRIV is a very interesting project for me, because it offers services like StackOfStake (SoS), which is a pool where it has passive income (POS/MN), Universal Miner, which will greatly facilitate the use of POW mining.. It has been offering a great service since 2018, SCRIV is being well developed, although the process is slow. Nice coins listed in SoS, and later on it will be possible to trade within the platform... Glad to see SCRIV on the Revain platform, this is a big step! Thanks for all!Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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