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Revain has gained high user feedback on cryptocurrencies since two years ago. They are known for outstanding blockchain review on cryptocurrencies. It's a place where you can learn more about cryptocurrencies, make review and still get paid (RVN token) for the information gotten from the platform after giving your own personal opinion on any of the company present in the categories. Revain is grouped into several categories: *Wallets, *Mining pools, *Cards, *Projects, *Casinos, *Exchanges, * Courses and trainings, and *Games. Each company in the various categoriese are ranked using user rating and number of reviews. Revain team are always available to critically confirm and validate information received, they give detailed information about information that might want to bring up may doubt from their clients, and also advise accordingly. Revain's aim has been to provide high-quality and genuine user feedback on all products and services they offer by using blockchain technology and machine learning. As a person, I can say that have learnt from Revain because it as serve as a place to learn and teach others.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Am a teacher in a secondary school. Am new into cryptocurrency and will like to know more.

Beitritt zu September 29, 2020

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