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AirSwap exchange is relatively new and is an interesting platform. It is one of the very few decentralized exchanges out there, even though they are becoming more and more popular. The exchange claims that there are no fees, no deposits and that users do not have to sign-up to the platform. It also claims that the exchange is very secure, intuitive and boasts a high trading volume. The deal with decentralized exchanges is that no third party is required to store traders’ funds. Instead, users are in charge of their own funds directly and conduct trading between one another. Because this is the case, you do not need to register with an account and hence, do not need to provide a third party with sensitive, personal information. AirSwap also has its own token, AirSwap-token. Instead of charging users with a trading fee, it simply requires all "makers to stake 250 AirSwap-tokens”, one exchange review reveals. This provides the exchange with a significant competitive edge, as charging 0 fees is a very appealing feature. The exchange also does not charge any withdrawal or deposit fees, meaning they make all of their profit from the AirSwap-token. The exchange does not allow fiat-crypto trading, which could deter certain new cryptocurrency investors from using the exchange. Users can deposit their existing cryptocurrencies without a fee. AirSwap ensures security mainly through its decentralized nature, as its services are spread out around the globe. This means that no hacker can directly hack all of their servers, unlike centralized exchanges where all of the information is stored in one location and is vulnerable to attacks. As users do not store their funds in AirSwap’s system, hackers cannot gain access to users’ wallets even if they do manage to hack the entirety of AirSwap’s servers. All of these features combined, AirSwap is very secure and has a very low chance of being a victim to a hacker attack. The team behind the exchange consists of Consensys and Fluidity team members. Such information adds to the exchange’s trustworthiness, as the two companies are well-known and experienced in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Information about the two companies can be easily found online and on their respective websites and platforms. AirSwap supports a very helpful and interactive website. It features a lot of tools focused on helping users understand the exchange and the industry better. The only downside is that the only supported language seems to be English for the time being.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Etherium soon gained the reputation as one of the most reputable tokens on the market. Ethereum blockchain projects have advantages and disadvantages. It is important for every investor to understand well what are pros and cons of Ethereum projects. It will help to undertake the right investment decision. Also, it is essential to note where the project is based. Some countries may change regulations and policies regarding blockchain quite drastically if we look at the example of Israel. In some cases, government policymakers can make help blockchain projects. In other cases, they may implement regulations that will stop development. Check everything before making any decisions.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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