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Launched in August 2017, Revain a product review platform providing blockchain-trustworthy reviews of crowdfunding projects, arrived with v1.1.of The Revain Platform. Initially, Revain had a prominent interest in the crypto-market: specifically, cryptocurrency, exchanges, coins, and ICOs. Reviewers were awarded a native RVN token that can be swapped for R tokens, which can then be traded on exchanges. After its inception, Revain subsequently created a full-fledged version of The Platform and expanded to cover the entire ICO ecosystem-related infrastructure, which included projects, exchanges, and wallets. The Platform recently added a forum for reviewing Crypto Cards. Revain recently announced a major milestone of more than 2,000 additional crypto projects and exchanges listed on The Platform available for review. This makes Revain the only place on the Internet where the authentic experiences of other users, experts, and investors about almost any crypto entity is easily accessible. Moving forward, Revain continues to develop its product. While most of their content had been focused on the crypto-market, in 2019 The Platform will feature many more consumer-style goods expanding into e-commerce, gaming, and FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods). Revain is also considering how blockchain will affect consumer industries moving forward. Their product and dev team is continually developing more advanced algorithms and models of machine learning to ensure high-quality reviews. The Platform is also working on the possibility of implementing a reference-based service. Revain raised over $9 million USD in its September 2017 crowdsale and is currently ranked 57th on the CMC top 100 cryptocurrencies. Like any other startup venture, crowdfunding has its champions and those that were defeated. In an unprecedented race of crowdfundings in mid-2017, Revain has held steady and with the current market’s demand for blockchain reviews, its Platform is gearing up for an exciting run.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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