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Share your detailed experience . Trust wallet is one oof the app that I'm using when I try to learn something about crypto currency , and this wallet is absolutely good that I will actually endorse to others to use , because it's easy and a lot of good features that it has , and it is secure because it has a fingerprint log in features no one can access your wallet , , and they have a lot of token you can deposit to it . More secure wallet , it is just based on my own experience , you can actually trade or sell your token in this app because of dapp , you can import your other wallet to it and I'm not sure if how many wallet you can imported to it ,but for me it's good because I imported a 4 account in just one app, and it's good for me . You save alot of time to it . . Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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ethereum erc20 token I'm not good in English , but I'll try to write , because I want to learn more about of it , ethereum is good , and much easy because a lot of token can be deposit in one address , but only if it is erc20 token . It is easy because in just one address all of your token is gathered , and if you are using a decentralized wallet , much easy for you to trade ,and sell of your token, and a lot of features that you can see , this currency is the one that you can suggest for your friends and family if they are trying to do a cryto , investing or something . In a simple explanation ethereum is good. That's all ,thank Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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