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It's amazing what Binance stock owners are doing. I am very impressed with the development of the project at such a fast pace. It is the best stock exchange I use and with which I had to deal with. First of all everything is transparent, transparent, contact with the support is very fast and help. New tokens are added all the time, which is very nice, you will soon be able to use only binance, because it will introduce the best ones. Binance was the first exchange I learned to trade on, and the exchange I find myself using daily more than any other exchange. I give Binance 5 Stars and I highly recommend it to everyone! Binance is an exchange for the beginner trader, as well as for the advanced users. With their low trading fees, support on almost every device, and huge volume, Binance is a must for everyone. The only con I have for Binance is their trading fees. For every trade they take a very small percentage fee as their commission. But the fee is so tiny, that I can’t even call it an actual con. Even if you were to compare the trading fees from other exchanges, Binance still has the lowest in fees! Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Revain project is my favourite :)Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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