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KuCoin Shares

Kucoin is just my lovely trading and exchange project.. it's has a user friendly interface, quick exchange and fast payment vai deposit and withdraw I love kucoinVer reseña completa

Logotipo de cortex


Cortex is awesome.. I must commend on the graet effort put together by this team to ensure this project heads to the sky.. it's existing and trilling I believe in this project.. and see it to the 🌒Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de trueusd


This is another project that's awesome.. covering the smart trade in tusd and other project.. It's got great community and wonderful interface.. to them moon and beyond.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de huobi token

Huobi Token

I have been using this platform and must confess is awesome.. wonderful design website. And easy to use interface.. simple and easy Trading.. this project is amazingVer reseña completa

Logotipo de mithril


Hello I sincerely believe in what this project has to offer. It's really amazing the idea put together on this one I must confess is great.. a social media platform that pays users for activities is exactly what the social community in large needs.. great project I wish everyone great success..Ver reseña completa

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