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Metamask Wallet.

Metamask wallet is the best ethereum wallet for daily use or for store small funds. Metamask wallet supports all erc20 toens and if any token does not seen then we can add by tokens contract address, symbol and decimals easily. Metamask wallet makes cryptocurrency secure and its interface is easy and understandable. When you are using any wallet website like myetherwallet you can safely access your wallet from myetherwallet without copying your private key. so, we can prevent our keys from hacking or clipboard hijacking. Metamask wallet has all malicious and phishing websites database so, when we accidentally go to malicious website then metamask alert us that the website is malicious or phishing website. Metamask wallet is only ethereum wallet. it doesnot supports other cryptocurrencies. and metamask is not recommended wallet for storing big/large funds in it because still it is not as safe as hardware wallet. and it does not provide 2 factor authentication for extra security.Ver reseña completa

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Exodus Wallet

For desktop cryptocurrency wallet, Exodus wallet is best wallet from both security and multicoin wise because exodus wallet supports mostly all coins for storing safely and exodus wallet is fully decentralized so, your all coins or funds are in your hands as recovery seed or private keys. Exodus wallet user interface is very awesome because it shows all portfolio in the fron screen. Exodus wallet also shows which coins gives you highest returns and which coin gives loss and with percentage. Exodus wallet even shows how many days, months or years you are using exodus wallet. Exodus cryptocurency wallet is secure because it integrates password feature so, whenever you opens exodus wallet you need to put password before doing any transactions and if you forget your password then you can simply restore wallet with your seed words. Exodus additionally provides buy and exchange feature which makes buying and exchanging cryptocurrency very easy and simple.Ver reseña completa

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CEX io Exchange

CEX is best cryptocurrency exchange that provide exchange service with fiat curencies. Cex lists multple cryptocurrencies for buy/sell or trading. but CEX does not lists many gret or major coins in trading platform. Cex accepts Fiat currency deposits and for depositing fiat Cex does not charge any commission from any users. CEX exchange provides fiat support but it supports only USD, EUR, RUB, GBP fiat currencies. and if you want to withdraw Fiat currency then CEX charge very high fees for bank withdrawals. Buying and selling bitcoins with fiat are very expensive in CEX cryptocurrency exchange. For trading cryptocurrencies, there is high liquidity on CEX exchange for perfect and instant trading. Cex provides margin trading feature for traders who want leverage on their trade but there are only two coins bitcoin and ethereum that supports margin trading.Ver reseña completa

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Bread Wallet

Bread Wallet

Bread wallet is secure and decentralized cryptocurrency wallet. Bread wallet supports multiple coins like BTC, BCH, ETH but it does not support other major projects. Bread wallet customer support is fast and it answers no more than 2 hours. Bread wallet does not require any login or password because its decentralized and gives 12 words recovery seeds of all coins. Bread wallet app security is also advanced. because bread wallet integrates security features like pincode for opening or for doing transactions and if you tired with typing pincodes then you can use its Touch ID / Fingerpring ID for using bread wallet. But, bread wallet does not provides 2 factor authentication for extra security. Bread wallet extra features is very cool and it makes cryptocurrencies very easy by its Buy and Exchange features. In buy user can purchase coins with credit cards and exchange then with any other coins by its exchange feature. so, it makes buy and exchange cryptocurrency easy.Ver reseña completa

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Bitfinex is world's best cryptocurrency exchange/ trading platform. Bitfinex has lists many cryptocurrency projects in their trading platform. Bitfinex is well known exchange for its liquidity so, traders can trade with the price that they see on the platform at the time without waiting for taker. Bitfinex platform has its mobile app for its mobile phone traders. traders can trade quickly within their mobile when they don't have their pc at any time. Bitfinex security is also great but Bitfinex was hacked recently, so no full trust on Bitfinex there. Bitfinex is best trading platform but only for advanced or big traders because its interface is bit harder or complicated for new user. and if we consider about fees then for trading fees, its takes an average fees but for withdrawals fees it takes high fees. Bitfinex trading platform accepts Fiat deposits for exchanging to crytocurrencies and trading.Ver reseña completa

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