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experienceexperienceexperienceexperiLooking for cheap ways to explore the world of cryptocurrency? I would recommend you to try dogecoin. Dogecoin started out as a meme, a harmless joke on cryptocurrency. But later had some value after it was made into an actual cryptocurrency. Dogecoin was launched in 2013, and many people saw it as an opportunity to explore the crypto world. It relies on the popularity it gets from the social media. The coins volatility is driven by social media and this may be a good thing. Although I strongly feel this sort of popularity may limit it's potential. It is not a sustainable way to get rich quick but can generate profit. It is faster than other blockchain because it has one minute block interval. It is cheap and easy to mine. About 10,000 doge is added to the network every minute. Influential people like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, have invested in this coin. This have increased the people's trust in the coin, as well as the valVer reseña completa

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experienceexperienceexperienceexperiWhen TRON was introduced three years ago, I believed it had great potential especially looking at the angle it was focusing on, global digital entertainment. The entertainment sector is becoming more digitalized and the project is concerned with content sharing and entertainment. TRON was an ethereum based app that operates an open source protocol. In 2018, switched protocol from an ERC20 token on the ethereum platform to it's own platform which is an independent peer-to-peer network. It aims at decentralizing the web, which means to create a decentralized blockchain based internet. It provides developers with multi protocol infrastructure for entertainment app development, enabling online creators to be compensated for sharing content. It allows content creators track their audiences without loosing commission to middle men TRON supports all kinds of digital cuVer reseña completa

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experienceexperienceexperienceexperiCryptokitties is one of the earliest attempt to use blockchain technology for recreational purpose. This way you can invest and have fun at it. I was skeptical about this concept at first. But I discovered you can make money by investing in it. This blockchain video game was developed by Axiom Zen in November 2017. In December 2017, the game became so popular that it generated significant traffic on the ethereum platform. This phenomenon contributed to ethereum reaching it's all time high at the time. This game runs on ethereum blockchain platform as a non fungible token unique to each crypto kitten. Simply put that the each kitten is made up of 260 genome codes. The game allows players to buy, breed, collect and sell various types of kittens. Kittens vary from one another. They are also of different gender so you can breed them to make another. There are about a billion combination. Ethereum are used to make purchases in gameVer reseña completa

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Ok to invest

experienceexpeRipple is an open source, peer to peer decentralized platform that allows any form of money to be transferred without bottle necks. It claims to be a global network of which it's major customers are banks and financial institutions. It is a blockchain based digital payment network which functionality is payment settlement, asset exchange and remittance system. Ripple, the company, has its own crypto called XRP. XRP is used to make exchange between fiat or crypto and another. It is not mined like Bitcoin, instead it uses a premissioned consensus mechanism via a collection of bank servers to confirm transactions. Ripple ranks among top crypto by market capitalization of around 60 billion. It acts as crypto and digital payment network for financial transaction. It uses less energy, less expensive and transactions are carried out swiftly. Due to the great dip alot of investors are going for coins with lower price value. I may not be right but I see XRP coming ouVer reseña completa

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experienceexperienceexperienceexperiEthereum is the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization in the world after Bitcoin. This platform is a dwelling place to virtual currency and with just an internet connection, you can send, receive and earn interest anywhere in the world. It is accessible to everyone and anyone. Ethereum is a decentralized platform that effectively powers thousands of decentralized applications. Ethereum and it's apps operates on an open source protocol and runs on a blockchain with smart contract.This platform enables developers to create and operate decentralized applications (dapps). These are blockchain based apps similar to web based apps. It also offers decentralized finance (defi) apps services. Defi apps provides financial services without any third party like financial middlemen(banks). Ethereum powers the cryptocurrency ether (ETH) which are stored in wallets. It can be traded or used as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Ethereum was rVer reseña completa

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About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital currency which is a type of cryptocurrency. It is a type of virtual currency that can be used to goods and services . Bitcoin was created in 2009, and ever since the value has fluctuating. Bitcoin is highly volatile and may be very risky for people to invest in. You can buy bitcoin, accept it as payment, Mined, or earned after performing tasks. A miner uses his computer to process transactions which in turn rewards the miner with some btc. Although is now getting too complex, mining btc consumes alot of power and is expensive of which may not cover cost. Bitcoin is secure because transactions are recorded publicly, therefore making copies is not possible. Bitcoin is the original and most dominant digital currency in the world, and over the years it has increased in value despite up and down price movement. I believe it became very valuable when many organization and influential people invested in it. Even with the competition that came afterwardVer reseña completa

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Secure wallet

Coinbase wallet is a secure platform that makes it easy to trade, buy, sell, store and earn crypto. I refer to it as the crypto goody bag. It offers lots of services to its users and also information on different cypto to invest It is the world largest Bitcoin exchange and broker, therefore, allows users buy Bitcoin directly from them It allows verified users earn crypto by watching educational videos on new upcoming crypto and rewarding them. Which CryptoVer reseña completa

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EOS Review

This is a smart contract platform for decentralized applications and protocols, which aims to solve speed, scalability, issues, flexibility and high fees issues that other crypto have. EOS blockchain protocol is the system architecture of the EOS (electro optical system token. It is a decentralized system that enables the development of decentralized applications (dapps). The EOS token is used to build and run dapps. It allows individuals create blockchain based apps to look like web based apps. It is able to run thousands of dapps with ease because the authentication and execution process are performed differently EOS tokens are also not being mined so it doesn't consumer much power hence incure little or no fee. EOS started as an ERC20 token but later launched its own mainet. One billion tokens were distributed to ensure widespread access as ERC20 token by the developer. Currently ranked 23 in top crypto, I strongly recommend it as a good long-term investment TVer reseña completa

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Personally I really think Bhex is a great trading platform. The transactions fees are really great, compared to other platforms, and no fees for OTC trading. BHEX has it own token called BHEX token (BHT). It is an ERC20 token that can be used to reduce trading fees on the platform. BHEX has apps for both android and iOS device. It also supports Browser trading. This way users can access and trade without the use of apps and on any device that has an internet connection. It provides crypto to crypto trading, OTC trading, wealth management and other services. OTC trading allows trades of crypto for Fiat amongst traders at no cost at all. It is free. You can trade on Bhex without KYC verification. KYC verification is required for OTC traders and to increase withdrawal limit. KYC verification takes 24 hours to verify. It has its own security and provides option of two factor verification, not compulsory but required .Some other good things about this platform is hVer reseña completa

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Accessible cryto

The major goal of Trust Wallet is making more crypto more accessible. It is a decentralized wallet that allows users have control over funds in the wallets. Trust Wallet is a mobile wallet for etherium and ERC20 tokens. I have been able to store different types of crypto coins and tokens and I can say it is indeed a multi coin crypto wallet. Trust Wallet helps to connects individual blockchains. The company does not control or hold any crypto, but users access to it. The app helps you manage your addresses in one place in order to send and receive crypto. Trust Wallet also give users access to Dapps browser where they can explore NFTS, Defi world and play blockchain games. You can also create multiple wallets. Trust Wallet is one of the most secure cold wallet. It gives users access to their funds using a recovery phrase. It also allows users set up pass code security .The disadvantage of the recovery phrase is that it cannot be recovered when lost and so will the fVer reseña completa

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MOrit Orient project is a simple and ideal platform for cryptocurrency investment. This project allows you to invest on crypto and get up to 4% interest for holding them in your wallet, every month. This project was built on Etherum network, and the token called Orient (OFT) which allows investors to buy crypto, trade, hold and farm. The OFT tokens can be gotten in the stead of Etherum. It can be stored also in ETH wallets. Although the program is set to run for only 4 years, I can say it is a profit maker for crypto investors . Ver reseña completa

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