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Storage software assists users in storing data efficiently and securely. Storage software organizes, archives, manages and protects files in order to save storage space and keep the data secure. Reviews in this category provide information and ratings about all the popular tools.

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Logotipo de urbit
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Your Urbit is a personal cloud server. A simple, private, general-purpose virtual computer on an encrypted P2P network. Your Urbit is your digital passport, your digital vault, and your digital assistant. You own it on Ethereum no one controls it but you. Ver más

Logotipo de freenas
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FreeNAS is an open source storage operating system. Ver más

Logotipo de intelliflash storage
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Western Digital specializes in providing enterprise flash storage solutions. Ver más

Logotipo de softiron hyperdrive
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SoftIron’s mission is to create the world’s finest storage solutions for the modern-day enterprise. And by finest, we mean exceptionally high-performing, scalable, flexible, reliable and efficient products that are really easy to use.In addition, we’re committed to making it more accessible than ever with our Zero Risk proposition: no lock-in contracts... Ver más

Logotipo de dell emc all-flash arrays
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All-flash storage, also known as an all-flash storage array (AFA), is a storage architecture designed to take advantage of solid-state memory technology. Benefits can include low latency, higher IOPS, greater storage density and reduced power consumption. Ver más

Logotipo de tintri
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Tintri maximizes performance for your applications and the people who manage them. With all-flash storage and software for virtualized workloads, Tintri automatically manages each application, so you don’t have to. Gain freedom from decades-old protocols, and tightly integrate Tintri with your hypervisor(s) so you can automate provisioning, rebalancing... Ver más

Logotipo de digital ocean
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Spin up your choice of virtual machine in just 55 seconds. Standard, General Purpose, CPU-Optimized, or Memory-Optimized configurations provide flexibility to build, test, and grow your app from startup to scale. Ver más

Logotipo de ciphertex cx
0 reseñas

Ciphertex CX-8KEX-NAS server is a durable, portable, encrypted data storage solution using RAID technology. Ver más

Logotipo de hgst
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HGST offers hard disk drives, solid-state drives and external storage products. Ver más

Logotipo de ionburst flex monthly (us) - ultra-secure distributed cloud storage
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