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Review on Binance Jersey by Özgün A

Another exchange that ran away with taking funds

Binance Jersey is a cryptocurrency exchange built on blockchain technology. The stock market has closed, but I will talk about some of its features.

Binance Jersey had an invitation link system. With your invitation link, you earn bonuses from your friends who are members, but these friends must make a purchase and sale transaction at the stock exchange at least once. The number of cryptocurrencies is at medium levels, 17. There is a limited number of language support. The stock market is obsolete with insufficient updates. There are 15 trading pairs on the Binance Jersey exchange.

Crypto money exchange with fiat money can be done on the stock exchange.

I have been using Binance Jersey for about 2 years, but the stock market closed by 2021. I have about 300 dollars left in the stock market. There is a letter stating that the money will be refunded when entering the website, but although I have sent e-mails to customer service many times, I have not received any return mail. I'm very tired of this situation now. Stock markets are closing without informing users and thousands of users are victimized before they can withdraw their money. States should intervene in this situation. Only I lost about $ 4,000 in stock markets. They say they will pay it back, but they never hear from them. I got tired of this situation and it started to be annoying ..

Pros & cons

  • It was paying
  • The stock market closed and thousands of users could not buy their assets
  • Although I have sent e-mails many times, they did not reply back
  • Limited trading pair, limited range of cryptocurrencies