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Revainrating 2.5 out of 5  
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Description of BitoPro

Launched in Mar 2018, BitoPro is a centralized exchange based in Taiwan. It supports TWD fiat pairs.


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Type of review

BitoPro is another trade that I can't suggest. First and foremost, this task isn't worldwide in any event, when the page is free all over. The stage is only accessible in Chinese, and it can't be changed. Moreover, it's anything but offering great guidelines for monetary exercises. Clients are undependable here as the group in the stage has not confirmed that they work with great security highlights.  I can't give genuine positive perspectives to this assistance. However long I got

  • This undertaking has not positive angles that could be nice to make reference to.
  • The principle stage is simply in Chinese. The help isn't useful for exercises including funds.
  • Clients don't suggest this is a direct result of the low help it has gotten.
  • It's anything but a genuine trick soon. It as of now holds the highlights of an obsolete venture.

The Bitopro exchange was established in 2018 by its folks, BitoEx. Shopping is not difficult to use on all records, not hard to open, I opened it through different projects to affirm my work, even with one VPN, I had the chance to exchange any case. Significant things I needed to consider to exchange this exchange. It was straightforward, subsequent to giving me the subtleties, I hung it up for my affirmation letter, however I didn't see it on schedule until I checked my spam coordinator, so I…

  • Applied plans
  • Great exchange expenses are charged
  • Long KYC measure
  • Clients don't suggest this in view of the low degree of help they get.

The Bitopro trade was founded in 2018 by its parents, BitoEx. Shopping is easy to use on all accounts, not difficult to open, I opened it through various programs to confirm my work, even with one VPN, I had the opportunity to trade in any case. Considerable things I had to take into account in order to trade this trade. It was simple, after giving me the details, I hung it up for my confirmation letter, but I didn’t see it in time until I checked my spam organizer, so I had to register again.

  • Conceptual designs
  • Good trade fees are charged
  • Long KYC process
  • Users do not recommend this because of the low level of support they receive.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

BitoPro: This company is not Committed with Trading Activities

BitoPro is another exchange that I cannot recommend. Firstly, this project is not global even when the page is available everywhere. The platform is just available in Chinese, and it cannot be changed. Besides, it is not offering good regulations for financial activities. Users are not safe here as the team in the platform has not certified that they work with good security features. I cannot give real positive aspects to this service. As long as I received information from other providers in…

  • This project has not positive aspects that could be good to mention.
  • The main platform is just in Chinese. The service is not good for activities involving finances.
  • Users don't recommend it because of the low support it has received.
  • It might become a real scam soon. It already holds the features of an outdated project.

Revainrating 2 out of 5


This is a Chinese exchange which was established in 2018 and supports fiat deposit only. Its markets included btc,ETH,usdt,etc. It support erc-20 tokens. I can say certainly that it is a well developed exchange in the sense that the developers have some kind of experience. Registration is quite tough Requiring a long tough KYC process. Trading here is very explicit and interesting. It allows for fiat trading and cryptos trading. Its language translations are inadequate allowing just two…

  • Intuitive designs
  • Airdrop abruptly ended
  • Long KYC process

Revainrating 4 out of 5

My experience with Bitopro Exchange

Bitopro exchange was founded in 2018, it was founded by its parent Exchange, BitoEx. The exchange seems to be very easy to use, well it was very easy to open, I opened it via different browsers to confirm my claims, even with a VPN, I was able to still access the exchange. Well, to trade on this exchange, i had to register. This was very easy, after providing my details, i waited for my verification mail, but I didn't see it on time, not until i checked my spam folder, so i had to re-register…

  • Nice Trading fee is charged
  • Nice trading interface is present in the exchange
  • It is a Recently launched exchange
  • Offers leverage,margin, OTC, trading exchange
  • The exchange has a telegram Support which is not in English but Chinese

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Bitopro still needs to publicize itself and its service

Bitopro is an Asian crypto launched in 2018, developed by a team of well trained experts in the field of Technology and blockchain technology as well. The exchange has an explicit trading interface, to make trading very easy, looking at the well understandable trading view, with well placed candlesticks and K lines, i can certainly say that this exchange can be used by experts and beginners also. For every transaction you carry out, you are charged a fee of 0.1% as the makers or a 0.2% fee as…

  • It supports multiple cryptocurrencies
  • The trading fee has led ti deep liquidity
  • The customer support is reliable
  • The exchange doesn't mention its take on security