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Review on Counterparty DEX by LUIS RIVERO R

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Wallet designed to create new custom tokens.

This is a wallet with an integrated server to store and exchange BTC and XCP, currently it is limited only to those two assets.
Your security is based on encryption of estremos, also private keys do not leave the device.
It is easy to use, you just have to safeguard your data in a safe and ready place.
Open and verifiable code.
In general this is an easy to use wallet, without fiat, without a large number of coins listed. This is not a new product or that offers something new to the general public, there are better alternatives to buy and sell Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, this service is limited to some operations.
At the time of publication of this review it is possible to verify that there are no servers available to connect and manage your wallet. After trying several times I was able to access without problem.
The important thing to highlight is that any project can create personalized assets, and integrated into your wallet

  • Easy to use.
  • Private keys do not leave the device.
  • You can create custom tokens.
  • The Lightning Network integration is under development.
  • Synchronization problems.

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