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Review on Poloniex by Kuzey Tekinoğlu

I don't have a very positive opinion about Poloniex, but we'll see what it does in the future

Poloniex, which has become increasingly popular since 2014 and is always known and used by everyone with new cryptocurrencies and new updates, is a very good exchange.

Poloniex was founded in 2014, and its innovations when it first came out shaped cryptocurrency trading. Poloniex is one of the exchanges that guide the market, there are very high trading volumes such as $ 100 million per day as a trading volume, and it is clear from here that it is a very used stock market.

Since Poloniex was first founded, there have been significant improvements, significantly increased interest in cryptocurrencies and quickly reached popularity. Then, unfortunately, in 2017, the company made a very bad mistake, leading to the loss of some digital currencies, and almost 60% of its users stopped using Poloniex, and the company entered a period of collapse and gradually began to sink. But things have finally improved, and now Poloniex has put the troubled times behind it, it currently has a lot of cryptocurrencies on the site and has a lot of transaction parity, and it's fine. After that I am sure Poloniex will catch up with nice developments.

Poloniex is currently developing every feature and aims to regain the users it has lost because they are in the process of recovering. So now they have reduced the transaction fees, reduced the deposit and withdrawal fees, they offer nice features in many trading pairs that are in it, and I think these features are an opportunity, and I am thinking of using Poloniex.

You can see and use many cryptocurrencies and many types of cryptocurrencies that I don't know about on the site. I also want to say that payment systems work well. Finally, they do not restrict users ' earnings, and you can fully use the ability to trade at large profit rates.

But it also has bad features, the Customer Support Service is not very helpful and they respond too late, your money in payment systems is sometimes reflected in your account too late, their security was not good a few years ago, but I think they have a good system now.

For me, the worst feature is that we can't use FIAT currencies in trading, which is a really, really bad feature. I hope they fix this problem as soon as possible.

Pros & cons

  • Currently, transaction fees are very low, and they charge almost no transaction fees if you want to use the exchange
  • you can trade with a lot of cryptocurrencies, and I think you can make really good investments
  • In addition, the daily volume of the stock market is about 100 million dollars, recently this trading volume may have increased even more
  • There are a lot of cryptocurrencies, so there should be a good but slightly faster trading system
  • Because they were in great trouble a few years ago, they are now just recovering, so many users confidence has been shaken
  • When trading in the stock market, you can't trade in FIAT currencies, and for me, this is a very bad situation
Harun Can
January 16, 2021
I hope Bitcoin Poloniex can do better and make a lot of people like cryptocurrency. Don't forget to add new information when you update your review, and as I told you, I would be very happy if you corrected your missing information. Thank you for sharing your information. Also, the features you mentioned are really very accurate, and thank you for that. I recommend you use it.
Rama Yldrm
January 15, 2021
Hi, I read your view of this platform and I was very impressed what you wrote. And actually I agree with your opinion and i think you have a right to your information I hope that this platform will be the best in the future. Have a great day kuzay T.
Burak Durmus
January 15, 2021
Hello, your review was very good points that I liked, you explained in a nice way. This is all the questions I had in mind cecaplamis you are. I'll read it again when you update it. Don't forget to add if you have deficiencies. Have a nice work day.
Alaaddin Turp
January 15, 2021
Merve Can
January 14, 2021
I read the review you wrote to the end. You've really written vocals and quality. You mentioned information I was missing. When you update your review a few months later, don't forget to add your experiences. Have a good day.