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May 25, 2020


Hsotaka's story

I'm hsotaka aka Flo and I completed my training as a programmer in 2013, specialized on .NET/C#/ASP. I’ve worked as a .NET Programmer for more than 3 years. I’ve been working as an IT administrator more than 4 years for now.

I honestly don't remember exactly how I got into Crypto. I haven't worked long, so I haven't saved much money yet and I didn't worry about investing money.It was 2016 when my father died and I inherited a bit of money. Then I started to look for investment opportunities. I have always had healthy distrust of banks and the stock market, so I bought physical gold first. I became aware of Crypto in 2017 somehow, probably by a random article on the Internet. At this time, Ethereum surged by 5000% and I was very impressed by the technology. I bought my first 2.8 BTC in early 2017 for 7000$.

The main reason for my investment was the decentralized nature of BTC and the fact that my money is in my control and independent of any economy. These reasons still motivate me to keep my crypto savings today and tbh, I'm addicted to checking the BTC price 100 times a day and earning more crypto wherever I can.

I’m still convinced of the technology and considering it as a perfect investment, especially in these inflationary times. That's the reason why I still hold, earn and invest today more than 3 years later.

There were a lot of ups and downs these years. The bear market in 2018 was horrible. It also was the time when I started to dive into margin trading. I tried to make money in the bear market, this went more or less well. :)

I still trade today (more for fun) with small positions. It's an addiction, so be aware that you can lose more than you think. Always only use 10% or less of your crypto.

Despite relatively good reserves, I therefore continue to use giveaways, airdrops and other earning opportunities. Every little bit counts!

I came across Revain through an airdrop website. Because I love to write, it's a perfect way for me to earn additional crypto. I joined almost one year ago, wrote 58 reviews and have earned more than $200. It's one of the most rewarding ways for me to earn crypto (and I've tried a lot). :)

Keep up the great work, Revain team! Your AI and your blockchain based review platform is definitely a USP in the crypto space.

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The hsotaka

11 months ago

Great that you liked my story and it was helpful :) Good luck, if agree that there is a lot to learn. I'm still learning too. Always do detailed research before you decide to invest money ;)

Thank you friends for your review.I am a new user and your story told me a lot about how to see things, on the platform of the cryptocommerce, many things I still have to learn in the world of cryptocurrency but little by little it is done one more knowledge of everything there is to learn in the world of commerce.

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