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May 25, 2020


Luis Rivero's story

My name Luis Rivero, I’m from Venezuela. I discovered the world of cryptocurrencies looking for rewards for working on the internet, in this way I came across a novelty at the time as it was NANO / XRB, its distribution seemed interesting to me a new project. Since I met this project I have been passionate about its philosophy based on the freedoms of blockchain.

At that time the money in my country had no value, so I started receiving rewards, I really thought it was false. And from that moment I dedicated myself to investigate Bitcoin, Blockchain, among other assets.I definitely change my life overnight, since in my country it is difficult to access international markets, contextualizing it is impossible to buy any products or services abroad with fiat money, from this moment I understood that this would be a true alternative.

Currently I offer advisory services to individuals and small businesses for the implementation of payments on their respective platforms, I educate myself in the cryptocurrency and fiat markets, looking for better performance both for me and for the people I support. In addition to this it is now possible to pay absolutely everything with BTC, the truth is very exciting to help my compatriots know about this world, get out of hyperinflation without the need to emigrate from the country or keep their funds in a currency that usually loses its value.

I came to Revain doing my first cryptocurrency research and although, I was reading some notes regarding different projects and searched the internet I ran into their website. When I read a little I realized that I could give my opinion and get down to business. The truth was in its Beta stage and although it was in development I liked the idea of opening with my experiences on blockchain-based projects.

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