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May 25, 2020


Robiul Islam's story

My name is Robiul Islam. I came to crypto space in early 2017. My reason for coming was Bitcoin, like everyone else. Bitcoin and blockchain made me more interested in learning how all these things work. Since then I have been trying to find out about these topics on YouTube and various blog posts. This enabled me to trade and invest in projects that would interest me and allowed me to enter a financial field that is hampered by the high costs and intermediaries who are involved in sustainable fiat investments. Now I'm dedicated to get better at investing in cryptocurrencies because it showed me how dedicating time to research and investing skills can really change my life.

Crypto changed my life with the amount of money I have earned from it. I live in a small town in Bangladesh where I run a small business. I'm also currently writing various articles and blog posts professionally on crypto and blockchain-based projects.

I've never spent crypto. I prefer to trade and generate profit. I enter when I see good opportunities and exit when I get profit. And I use the Soft Staking feature of KuCoin where my holdings are kept for a long period. Also I'm always looking through some IEOs in the news of crypto market. For that I'm constantly researching various exchanges. In mid-2018 I was researching the Poloniex exchange and found the Revain platform with some user reviews that were helpful to me. At that time there was an airdrop from the Revain side, so I participated in this. Then I’ve explored the whole platform and it seemed very helpful to me. I haven’t seen any platform where everything related to crypto was available in one place.

Thanks to Revain platform, the inspiration to write came from there. Every team member in Revain is very friendly, especially Roman Ochnev, he has helped me all the time in writing high quality reviews. For which I'm an Expert in Revain today where I'm learning and earning a lot. It is a big achievement to me.

The Revain platform is the best place for a new crypto person who wants to know about crypto or share his experience. It is highly recommended for everyone.

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Robiul Islam

12 months ago

Temitope Babatunde thanks! I'm really glad you like my story. You're are an active author too on the Revain platform. Congratulations on achieving level 10. You're doing really well, keep up the good work.

Temitope Babatunde

12 months ago

Robiul Islam is one of the active member of our telegram community, he is always there to give support if admin is not there or to support the admin with his experience. I enjoye reading his story.

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