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eecoo climbing platform magnetic floating fish & aquatic pets logo

The magnets are not as strong as I hope. When my turtles try to climb onto the platform, their weight pulls the platform down and the magnets fall off immediately, causing the platform to float around. One of the magnets easily broke in half after falling.Voir la critique complète

radius original toothbrush soft right logo

Great toothbrush. Wide, long, soft bristles and comfortable grip. The brush is great for my teeth and gums, I liked it so much I decided to try it on my dog's teeth. Wow, she loves it and goes deep into her molars with no problem. Removes food particles well and keeps teeth and gums clean. And a nice gum massage. It's also good for people, but don't share!Voir la critique complète

【vidaclan】pure organic handmade massive bubbles logo

The packaging is very well done and overall looks good. I bought the Lemon Grass fragrance and it smells amazing but not overpowering. Lots of bubbles even with very little powder and it feels almost creamy on the skin. Very mild, with a clean but subtle lemon scent. I have fairly sensitive skin but it never irritates me so I would highly recommend it to anyone.Voir la critique complète

fresh news paper cat litter cats logo

The order page says '4 pounds' but the bags I received were 12 pounds each so the price per pound is a bit high but not so bad. My rescued cat had its claws removed when we received it from SPCA. Their front paws are very sensitive and this granular bedding is just right for them. It is odorless but appears to have a slight ammonia odor and traceability. It holds just like Yesterday's News. The granules are partially broken down in the urine, but for the comfort of my kitty, it's worth it. When shoveling, I use a pellet shovel with large holes for solid waste and a separate shovel for collecting wet and partially decomposed pellets. Last week I bought it for $9.98 and now the price has gone up to $16.00 but it's worth it. At least until my local pet shop finds a good replacement for yesterday's news. I will try to add a video soon.Voir la critique complète

ruff ruffus collapsible resistant removable dogs for crates, houses & pens logo

Have a 5 lb chihuahua mix and the playpen is perfect for traveling. It's small and compact. I was very pleased with how easy it is to assemble and fold up for storage. Came with a nice storage bag. Attached were two surprise gifts: a collapsible water/food bowl and a small LED flashlight for use at night on the dog's collar, as well as a cute thank you card. Very happy with this item and the fast and attentive service.Voir la critique complète

nooni care rainbow clipped coverall logo

Fits perfectly and does not soil children. The clips are a great addition as they keep the bib snug to the tray. Makes my life easier and entertains the kids while eating :)Voir la critique complète

ld dress headbands rhinestone princess baby care good for hair care logo

Overall, the quality is quite good. My only complaint is that, as per the other review, the resulting purple flower was very dark. So it looks weird. However, they have a good return policy, so I gave them a good rating.Voir la critique complète

gear aid protectant conditioner plastic logo

I use this in some places for my kayak and also for blind hunting. I treated my blind wife last spring, for half a year already. Finally, after 2 years, it started to tear. I also replaced the curtain and I will deal with that one. A good product!Voir la critique complète

thetraining receivers adjustable durable fence pet dogs logo

no loop for attaching a leash. The original has it, the replacement doesn't. What a shitty way to save money. I was able to add the bow with a bit of elbow work and a hot glue gun. However, if the original comes with one, there should be a replacement.Voir la critique complète

ultra soft absorbent sensitive durable technology logo

You have a set of 2 in this bag. And the packaging is cute, colorful, and gift-worthy—not just a brown box. The towels are very soft. They have a waffle pattern on the outside, but on the inside they're more like a plush terry towel. When all rolled out they measure 30 x 30 inches. So a great size for babies and preschoolers. It has a hood, so it's great for babies to snuggle up after a bath and wear this hood. For toddlers and preschoolers, this is a great way to just put on a hood to dry their hair and they can wear a towel without falling off. Lightweight and easy to dry, also wrap the baby. The weight doesn't affect your length though, being 100% cotton with a special weave they work great.Voir la critique complète

qutz breakaway collar collars adjustable cats logo

I like it very much, the only drawback is that the cat's ears are very sharp on the fastener! We filed them with no problem, but they shouldn't be that sharp.Voir la critique complète

tekizoo infrared heater reptile amphibian reptiles & amphibians logo

My bearded dragon really appreciated this lamp. It was a great price, it works well and the bearded dragon spends a lot of time under it. Excellent purchase.Voir la critique complète

prevue pet products bpv1188 6 inch logo

* For WATER DISPENSER - glass tubes are preferable to plastic tubes - because of better suction at the junction with the "L-shaped" feeder at the bottom - which like this product is made of hard plastic. You can adjust the suction power by moving the hose up a little to allow air to flow more freely when your bird inserts its beak into the dispenser to drink water. (Too much suction will prevent the water from flowing freely, so don't let the glass tube sink all the way to the bottom.)* I've only used "plastic" feeders in the past and these are good for seeds. But for water - a stick with a glass. In my opinion "all plastic" drums tend to leak when used as a water dispenser. Glass creates more friction, fewer leaks, and because it's smooth, it's less prone to scratches when cleaning.* (Plastic tubing can develop tiny scratches/grooves over time for bacteria to nest and grow more freely - even if they are They change the water every time per day - which is definitely recommended.* HowevVoir la critique complète

black vertical stripe rectangle pet cats logo

Perfect size for my 16lb chivini and love the outdoor fabric. Quality and workmanship are excellent. Will try a different size/shape for indoor use soon.Voir la critique complète

backpack leash toddlers dinosaur harness logo

I bought this for my 1 year old daughter a few months ago and she loves it from day one. The only thing I would like is that the kit comes with a regular leash that doesn't stretch but can still be attached to the bag. The one he goes with often gives them too much distance, especially in small places like an aquarium where it can be very easy for them to accidentally get tangled in things or people. I just use a dog leash and put it through the loop on the back and it works great. We can put tissues, diapers, a bag of snacks and bug spray or sunscreen in the bag to make room, but it won't be much/too much for them.Voir la critique complète

baby trend shopper travel system logo

I love a little I hate

I like the stroller with a seat for an older child, the capacity is good, I also like the cup holders. But the car seat buckle is a headache. The mobile phone holder for the stroller is thin and therefore does not fit in my mobile phone case.Voir la critique complète

philips sonicare rechargeable toothbrush bluetooth logo

The kids love it. I'm a little concerned about Bluetooth's effects on brain health, as I've heard it's "always on" and can't be turned off. I'm just glad it helps them brush their teeth more properly. I call the first setting "Cheat Mode" because it only works for 1 minute. Another setting allows a run time of 2 full minutes. Both seem to run at the same speed. At the second combing, the babies got used to the sensitivity.Voir la critique complète

agaky training toddler handrest backrest logo

Does not sit firmly on a regular toilet seat. I like the high backrest and the handles. It adds a bit of security and my toddler uses the handles to balance his wavy body! Great height to protect from the front boy's urine.Voir la critique complète

hopes furniture natural moisture resistant logo

Great non-toxic solution

I used it to condition my garden boxes. It worked well and I was able to do it in a closed garage. The flavor is similar to nut butter, and it is. It's not a very pleasant smell, but it doesn't smell like poison, and it's a great way to weatherproof wood without chemicals.Voir la critique complète

jardin submersible aquarium waterproof thermometer logo

good cheap product

This is a really good cheap thermometer, although it is in Celsius you can find the temperature with a simple google search. After a while you get used to reading. I had no problem with them not failing due to water getting into them. I would recommend this if you are on a tight budget.Voir la critique complète

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