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Other IT Security Software

If a product cannot be accurately pur into another established Security category, it goes into this category. Many products in Other Security software category can be in emerging spaces that are not yet well-defined and well-known. These are often the pioneers of new types of software. To learn more about them, read the reviews.

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message classification logo
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Protect your organization's information assets by allowing users to classify and label all emails at the point of creation. En savoir plus logo
0 avis is a threat Intel SaaS to help companies rank if users have been classified as 'abusers' by one or more public blacklists. En savoir plus

supertokens logo
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SuperTokens manages user sessions in the most secure way possible by minimising the chances of session attacks (such as XSS, Session fixation, compromised JWT signing key, CSRF etc) and enabling robust ways of detecting session theft (we use rotating refresh tokens - as recommended by IETF in RFC 6819). We’ve made it highly customisable and incredibly... En savoir plus

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suhosin logo
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Suhosin is an advanced protection system for PHP 5 installations. It is designed to protect servers and users from known and unknown flaws in PHP applications and the PHP core. En savoir plus

owaguard logo
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OWAGuard is a exchange server authentication security solution designed to protect Outlook Web App users and businesses from a variety of logon and password attacks, and real-time reporting and alerts of suspicious OWA logon activity. En savoir plus

siteowl logo
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SiteOwl is the world’s first unified, digital platform for security integrators and system managers that provides an end-to-end solution to help users design, install, and manage their security systems. SiteOwl brings modern technology to the job site by equipping designers, field technicians, and integrator customers with a suite of mobile and... En savoir plus

passport photo maker logo
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Passport Photo Maker is the ultimate software tool that helps you prepare and print ID photos in no time. En savoir plus

athena security logo
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Athena helps schools, corporations, retail organizations, industrial companies and other industries put workplace safety measures in place to help prevent threats and make their environments more secure and safe. En savoir plus

callprotector logo
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Cloud based solution for secure calling through a library of tested algorithms. En savoir plus

crypta labs logo
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Crypta Labs is an Award Winning IOT Security startup that is developing a quantum-based encryption chip to secure the Internet of Things. En savoir plus

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