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If a product cannot be accurately categorized in another established Data privacy service category, it goes into this category. Products in Other Data privacy software category can be in emerging spaces that are not yet well-defined and are often pioneers of new types of software. To learn more about them, read the reviews.

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axcessd logo
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Data Privacy and Security on Social Media, Email, and other Web Based platforms. Enables users to control exactly who can access their data. Provides Access Control, Privacy, and Authentication for user data. Basic version is Free. Paid Premium subscription available. Available for use by both SMBs and retail consumers. En savoir plus

ccpa toll free logo
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The California Consumer Privacy Act, or CCPA, requires businesses to provide a toll-free phone number to consumers and a Do Not Sell My Personal Information link to manage privacy requests. CCPA Toll Free makes meeting these compliance requirements easy and affordable with our low, transparent pricing. We'll issue you a unique service code for your... En savoir plus

d-id logo
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The facial recognition market is growing exponentially and has made our faces – our identifiers. D-ID’s identity protection acts as an anti facial recognition solution to make organizations’ photos and videos unrecognizable to facial recognition tools – while keeping them similar to the human eye. Faces hold sensitive biometric data, make no compromises... En savoir plus

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dpify logo
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dpify is a user-friendly software tool for maintaining a record of data processing activities required by Article 30 GDPR En savoir plus

incountry logo
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InCountry provides data residency-as-a-service in more than 90 countries for sensitive and regulated data, ensuring customers comply with local data protection regulations. You can integrate InCountry into your applications through a simple development API, a codeless border proxy solution or via turnkey integrations with leading SaaS platforms like... En savoir plus

keepabl gdpr compliance saas logo
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How good's your answer on GDPR? Keepabl's award-winning solution was designed from the ground up to make GDPR's tasks simple, help you get the GDPR job done, and allow you to easily demonstrate your GDPR status to internal and external stakeholders. En savoir plus

myne suite logo
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MYNE Suite: a modular, license-based SaaS utility sack servicing various areas of privacy and security engaging all relevant parties in the governance, risk, and compliance process. From asset management to technical/policy control implementation, the MYNE stack is both the blueprint and the toolbox to operate your security/privacy program. En savoir plus

appcensus logo
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AppCensus detects behaviors relevant to privacy policies, laws, and regulations. AppCensus is used by regulators, enterprises, developers, compliance agencies, and consumers. En savoir plus

blackcloak concierge cybersecurity and privacy platform logo
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Concierge Cybersecurity & Privacy Protection Platform for Corporate Executives in their personal lives and Ultra/High-Net-Worth & High-Profile Individuals En savoir plus

gdpr in schools logo
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